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Trimble Solutions USA Macros - Drawings

Last updated August 8, 2017 by Tekla Support US tekla.support.us@trimble.com

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United States (Imperial)
United States (Metric)

Trimble Solutions USA Macros - Drawings

Here is a list of the available Macros in the US environments.

Drawing Macros Visible by default in
  Add Bolt Dimension X X X X
  Add Bolt Dimension with Point X X X X
  Add Surfacing Symbols X   X  
  Create Start End Symbols X X X X
  Delete Start End Symbols X X X X
  Directory Browser X X X X
  Drawing tools X X X X
  Exaggerate Selected Dimensions X   X  
  Hide Drawing Attributes ending with BOM       X
  Hide Drawing Attributes with US prefix       X

  Rebar Layering Marker

X   X  
  Rebar Mesh View Creator X   X  
  Remove Change Clouds X X X X
  Reopen Drawing X X X X
  Return Exclude List to Default       X
  Zpan Stair Dimensions       X

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