Tower Bent Member

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Tower Bent Member

Use Tower Bent Member tool to create  bent tower members between two members which are in different plane and or different orientation . 

How to locate

The installers are available at Transmission Tower Collection. After installing, Tower Bent Member come under Transmission Tower Collection in the Applications & components. Or else search for Tower Bent Member in Applicationpart of Tekla Structures functionality that is developed in order to extend the capability of Tekla Structures but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation

&components. Icon for Tower Bent Member as shown below.



Input for this extension:

Two Points & Two Members : Clicking on the icon ask to pick first point, then second. Then it ask for first member then second. The point can be picked members corners or gage line point lying on the picked member leg surface.

Tower Bent Member Dialog

It has two tab pages.

  1. Parameters
  2. Properties



Side :

To control member creation on near side or far side of picked members.

Leg Orientation:

To control orientation of leg towards up or down.

Swap Legs:

To swap legs between long and short.

Bent Options:

Control Both Bent Required/ Bent at Start/ Bent at End. Bent less than 3 degree is not useful. To avoid this bent can be removed from one side.

Various offset options:




Field Default Values
Name Tower Bent Member
Profile L50*5
Material Steel_Undefined
Class 1

Sample Output

Here 1&2 are pick points (points on local gages created by 'Gage Line by Point' tool). 3&4 are input members (L section created by Beam command or 'Tower Member' tool)

Plan View:

Direct Manipulation Features

The Tower Bent Member tool is equipped with direct manipulation features. This get enabled by activating the following 'Direct Modificationfunction that activates the mode where the model objects can be modified by using handles

Direct modification enables additional handles and modification options.

(D)' switch.

Contextual Toolbar:

Contextual toolbarfloating toolbar that contains commands for modifying the most common object properties

The user can customize the contextual toolbar.

The term mini toolbar is used in Tekla Structures until version 21.1.

is a mini toolbar which gets opened once click on component in 'Select Components' and click on cubic button as shown below. Please make sure that the Direct Modification (D) switch is active. This enable user to change frequently used attributes very ease with out opening extension dialog.

Distance Manipulator

After selecting Tower Bent Member component in 'Select Components' distance manipulators gets activated. The distances displayed can be edited directly.

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