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Strand Pattern

Last updated October 20, 2016 by Developer TIN Structures.developer.in@trimble.com

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Strand Pattern

Based on the strands arrangement in precast members, it will group all members which has same strandreinforcement that represents a group of wires spun together

pattern irrespective to the member shape. Hence members having same strand pattern code can cast in one line.

How to locate

Installers are available at Strand Pattern for Tekla Structures version 2016.
After installation custom attribute CUSTOM.STRAND_PATTERN will be available to use in drawings and reports.


This Custom Attribute will work for the members where in strands are added using following components
1. Hollowcore reinforcement strands (60)
2. Reinforcement Strand Layout (66)
3. Automated reinforcement layout - Double Tee Beam (51)

Installation add a file “Prefix_Settings.txt” in \Environments\xxx\system

Prefix_Settings.txt should be configured before calling this attribute
The file has two column
1. Prefix: Wherein we can assign desired prefix for strand pattern
2. #Items: We have to specify Member Name

Sample Prefix_Settings.txt

Member name BEAM, TBEAM, LBEAM Strand pattern will start from SP1, SP2, SP3 etc.

Member name HOLLOWCORE, HCS Strand pattern will start from HC1, HC2, and HC3 etc.

Member name DOUBLE_TEE, DT Strand pattern will start from DT1, DT2, and DT3 etc.

If the Member Name is not falling in any of the Items in Prefix_Settings.txt file will be ignored grouping.

Calling Custom Attribute

Prefix_Settings.txt file is copied to attribute folder from \Environments\XXX\system. here after user can edit this local file.

Database file named “StrandPatternCode.txt” will be created in attribute folder after calling the attribute “CUSTOM.STRAND_PATTERN” in model or report.
In order to have same strand patterns across all the projects this file should be placed in attribute folder.

For grouping similar members Strand Pattern follows the below comparison
1. Strands diameter
2. Strands grade
3. Pre stressing (pull) force
4. Distance between strands (Spacing)
5. Side and bottom cover

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