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Sketch sheets

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Sketch sheets



Purpose and description
System requirements
Installing Sketch sheets
Using Sketch sheets
Application properties

Purpose and description

Use Sketch sheets component to gather all data (every mark and its value) drawing for fabrication inspection report.

System requirements

Tekla Structures version: Not version specific
Environments: All

Installing Sketch Sheets

To install the extension:

  1. Download the Sketch sheets installer package from Tekla Warehouse. For more information see Downloading an application from Tekla Warehouse.
  2. Install the file package.

Using Sketch sheets

To use the applicationpart of Tekla Structures functionality that is developed in order to extend the capability of Tekla Structures but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation


  1. In Tekla Structures, create a model (containing single part or assembly drawingdrawing that shows fabrication information for a basic or a nested assembly, including bolts and welds, and that is generally used at the workshop

    Assembly drawings show how parts are located in an assembly. They contain the parts of the assembly presented in one or more views.

  2. Click the Applications & components button  in the side pane to open the Applications & components cataloguser interface for displaying or modifying information in categorized lists

    For example, profile catalog and shape catalog are catalogs.

  3. Search for Sketch sheets and then double-click to open it.
  4. The Sketch sheets dialog window will open.

  1. Open a existing drawing.
  2. Double click on the dimension and in the dialog window that appears, go to Marks tab -> Prefix field (change it to whatever text or letter you want – for example A) and change the Visibility of numberingprocess of assigning position numbers to parts, cast units, assemblies, or reinforcement

    In Tekla Structures, the position numbers assigned in the numbering are shown in marks and templates, for example.

    value to Hidden. Click Modify then OK to apply the modifications. Do the same for the other dimensions (if there are any). The drawing should look like this:

Do the same for other drawing(s). (You can use either the same text/letters or different ones).

  1. Select the modified drawings from Tekla Drawing Listlist of drawings that provides information about the drawings in a particular model and that is used for searching, managing, and printing the drawings

    In the drawing list, the user can, for example, search, open, update, freeze, lock, and delete drawings. The drawing list can also be used to display the associations between the drawings and the parts in the model.

    Drawing list is used in Tekla Structures until version 2018. See document manager.


  1. Click the Create button.
  2. The dialog shows a progress bar indicating the creation progress.

  1. You can optionally cancel the creation by clicking a Cancel button.
  2. When the creation is complete, the application window will show you the dimensions in each drawing.

  1. If you want to create a report with the modified values, you need to use these specific syntax for drawing row and part / assembly row, which are:
    • USERDEFINED.SD_A (for drawing row);
    • DRAWING.USERDEFINED.SD_A (for part/assembly row).

Note: You can only add your chosen prefix (A, B, C) after SD_ syntax part.

  1. Cloning can be used to easily ‘copy’ the marked dimensions from one part to many similar parts. You needs to check that the dimensions were cloned correctly.
  2. There are some known limitations for this tool. For example:
    • it is not possible to use ‘grouped’ dimensions (e.g. 3*60);
    • if the sketch sheet drawing has a sheet number other than 0 (zero) the dimension values cannot be reported through part or assembly rows using ‘DRAWING.USERDEFINED.XXX’. Only the ‘main’ drawing (sheet = 0) can be accessed through this template field;
    • any changes to the drawing require that the tool should be run again;
    • sketch sheet values are not updated automatically, even if the drawing is updated. The tool needs to be run again after any changes are made to the model and/or drawings.

Application properties

Property Description
Create Use to create a table with every drawing mark and its value.
Clear values Use to clear the dimension values saved in the drawing(s) UDA.
Cancel Use to cancel the creation of the table with every drawing mark and its value.
This button is active only during the creation progress.
Close Use to exit the program.

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