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Show Report On Drawing

Purpose and description

This tool allows users to create a report and add it to a drawing in one step. Each time the drawing is opened, the tool recreates the report to ensure that is always up to date.

System requirements

Environments:   Default
Languages:   English

Installing Show Report On Drawing

To install the applicationpart of Tekla Structures functionality that is developed in order to extend the capability of Tekla Structures but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation


  1. Have Tekla Structures closed during installation.
  2. Install the appropriate installation package that you can download from the Tekla Warehouse. (Before 2016i install the .msi. 2016i and newer install the .tsep.)
  3. Reopen Tekla Structures once installation is complete.
  4. Before version 2016: A new toolbar icon which will launch the tool should now be visible when a drawing is opened. For 2016 a new thumbnail under Ungrouped items in the Applications and components side pane will appear. For version 2016i and newer a new thumbnail under US Extensions items in the Applications and components side pane will appear.
Before v2016       2016+

Using Show Report On Drawing

  1. Open existing Tekla drawing.
  2. Launch the tool by double clicking on the icon/thumbnail. This will activate the tool and open the Properties dialog box.
  1. Report Templates: Pick which report you want created on the drawing. This list shows all available Tekla reports from the typical folder search order.
  2. Selection Method: You can pick whether the report should be created From entire model or From drawing.
  3. Text File Attributes: This defines which attribute the tool will use to insert the report on the drawing. These settings are pulled from Annotating > Add Text > From Text File.
NOTE: To ensure that the text on the drawing aligns with columns created in the report templatetemplate that is used for creating a report

, ensure that the font style defined in the Text File Properties is a monospace (fixed width) font.
  1. Titles in reports: These fields work the same way as the 3 title fields in create report tool in the model.
  1. Click Apply and save the attribute.
    1. Attribute files are saved in the attributes folder inside the model folderfolder that is used for storing files associated with a model

      Tekla Structures stores all files associated with a model in a folder it creates with the same name as the model database (.db1).

      In multi-user mode all users access the same model folder.

      with a file extension of *.ShowReportOnDrawing.UI.DiaMain.xml.
  2. Pick a point in the drawing to locate the bottom left corner of the report.

NOTE: If the same report is created with different settings applied, the settings that were used last will apply to all occurrences the next time the drawing is opened.

Installed Files

  1. Monospace.fas: Text File attribute saved with Monospac821 BT font. This file is saved to the ...\<environment>\system folderfolder that is used for storing Tekla Structures-related files that define default settings

  2. Courier New.fas: Text File attribute saved with Courier New font. This file is saved to the ...\<environment>\system folder.
  3. standard.ShowReportOnDrawing.UI.DiaMain.xml: Standard fileproperty file that Tekla Structures uses by default

    Standard file name is standard.* where the symbol * is the file name extension. For example, standard.clm file is used for column properties and standard.clm.more file is used for column user-defined attributes.

    for the Show Report on Drawing extension that has the Monospace text file attribute already loaded. This file is saved to the ...\<environment>\system folder.

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