Rebar Sub ID

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Rebar Sub ID

Rebar Sub ID tools Generate alphabetic sub id series for tapered range rebar groups in reports and drawings.

Rebar Sub ID tools set has 2 Custom Attributes and 1 drawing plug-in.

1. CUSTOM.REBAR_SUB_ID (This can be used in any reports to generate alphabetic sub id series).
2. CUSTOM.REBAR_SUB_ID_DWG (This can be used in drawings to get the alphabetic sub id of the last rebar in tapered group).
3. RebarSubId Tag on Dimension plug-in (This plug-in automatically identify the start and end range of the tapered group and mark alphabetic series on dimension lineline that visualizes the distance between the defined dimension points

Separate dimensions can be combined into a longer dimension line.

start and end).


This is a custom attribute automatically deployed with the installer, and the installer also deploy the sample report file named “RebarSubID.rpt”.


Select the tapered range group and run the report RebarSubID.

Sample output report

Note: By using this custom attribute (CUSTOM.REBAR_SUB_ID) user can configure their own reports for getting the alphabetic sub Id series. For reference go through RebarSubID.rpt.


This is a custom attribute automatically deployed with the installer.


This custom attribute can be called any were in drawings like marks, note etc. to get the last bar alphabetic sub id.

Note: This is very useful for the below plug-in.

3. Rebar Sub ID Tag on Dimension

How to locate
After installation below icon will be available in Applications & components


Input for this extension

1. Pick tapered reinforcement group. (picked reinforcement should have dimension line)

Alphabetic sub-id associative notes are added at both ends of the dimension line according to the range created in model.

Rebar Sub ID Dialog

Start Margin and End Margin allows to provide gapany space between two objects

The term gap is used in its general sense in Tekla Structures.

between the associative noteassociative annotation object that can include any additional information about the building object it is attached to

One building object can have several associative notes.

and dimensions line ends.

Associative Note Attribute allows to select the appropriate Associative Note Attribute file.
This control automatically list all the associative note attribute files saved in the current modelmodel that is active in Tekla Structures

The current model can be a single-user model, a shared model or a working model.

The content of the associative note should be configure properly, the same content will be displayed on the dimension line.

sample configuration and how it reflects on dimension line.

Associative Note configuration

As highlighted in red color, the Content of Associative Note property should be always Rebar.

Configure the Element in marks

Then save the attributes with Tapered Bar Range

Note: Refer Associative Note help  for more details about configuring the associative notes.

Attribute file selection

Now select the Tapered Bar Range from drop down and click on Modify



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by David Carr

This is a helpful tool. I do wish there was some more explanation of how to set up the associative note properties to get the text positioned properly.