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Rebar Rdx Export (Beta)

Last updated November 12, 2018 by Elwanda Klucik elwanda.klucik@trimble.com

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Rebar Rdx Export (Beta)

Purpose and description

  • Exports rebar to aSa RDX file format.

System requirements

  • Environments: Any
  • Languages: ENGLISH


Add step-by-step information on how to install the extension.
To install the extension:

  1. Run the TSEP installation file which is available in Tekla Warehouseservice for collaboration and for storing and sharing Tekla Structures content

    In Tekla Warehouse the content items are stored in collections. Tekla Warehouse includes the Tekla Warehouse Service and the Tekla Warehouse web site.

    Tekla Warehouse is one of the Tekla online services.

    after download, select version(s) to install to.
  2. Reopen Tekla Structures once installation is complete if it was open.


To use the application:

  1. Setup export settings and release properties...
  2. Select rebar, Click Export Selected… OR
  3. Click Export All…
  4. Review pop up error list for any bars not exported...


Limitations and Important Notes

  • Tapered rebar export has not yet been fully tested.


  • Beta - 0.2


  • Grade can be customized by editing .xml file

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