Primary Limit Checker

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Primary Limit Checker


Primary Limit Checker plugincomponent that is developed using Tekla Open API

Plugin is a .dll file and loaded inside Tekla Structures process.

Plugins can be started from the applications and components catalog.

is an easy tool to keep track and get automatic notification if your model size is nearing the part or rebar limit of Primary Configuration.
You can monitor this visually using the plugin or have it automatically notify you at a pre-determined milestone.
This tool can be used with any configuration.


1. Install using the non-version-dependent installer from Tekla Warehouse.
2. The plugin will now automatically open when opening a model or by opening it from Applicationpart of Tekla Structures functionality that is developed in order to extend the capability of Tekla Structures but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation

& Components when modeling.
The tool is now active and will track the parts and rebars compared to Primary configuration limit using actual quantities, visual progress bars and percentage. 


3. Access the settings by expanding the tool dialog by pressing plus button.
Modify the settings to suit your use:
'Show when model opens' determines if the plugin is automatically run when opening a model in all configurations, or only when using primary configuration, or never.
'Show notifications' is used to select if the plugin dialog pops up when the below mentioned 'percent of limit' is reached.
'Notification timeout' is the frequency of how often the above-mentioned check is run.
Click 'Modify settings' to save settings.

4. Click OK to close the dialog and leave it to background, or just leave it open for tracking visually.

Note: There is no separate message dialog of reaching the limits, it will just open this same dialog.
The check will keep notifying you when over the limit. To deactivate the tool set the above settings to 'Never'.

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by Daan van Berkel

Is it possible for me to provide translation for my language setting (Dutch/Netherlands Enviroment)? Or is it possible to set English as the default language in this extension? Currently, al captions are references to translation strings, it's hard to understand like this.

by Harri Niemi


Thank you for the info, we'll take a look at the translations to Dutch and other languages, sorry to hear you've had trouble.

by Iris Tsestigh

I can install the plugin from Tekla Warehouse, but at the end of the installation it asks something like "select the Tekla version to install to…". But there is nothing in the list. I have versions 2016i, 2017, 2018, 2018i and 2019i. The only option I have is to close to dialog box. I reopened a Tekla version and nothing is installed. What went wrong? I work in a Netherlands environment.