Pour Stop Applicator

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Pour Stop Applicator

1.  Purpose and Description

The Pour Stop Applicator allows the user to pick multiple beams and place in the pour stop for each of those beams all at one time.  The pour stop can be placed to follow the rotation of the beam to make it easier for placing around the perimiter of a building or openings.

2.  System requirements

Environments: Default
Languages: English

3. Installation

To install the applicationpart of Tekla Structures functionality that is developed in order to extend the capability of Tekla Structures but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation


  1. Make sure Tekla Structures is closed.
  2. Install the extension downloaded from Tekla Warehouse
  3. Open Tekla Structures
  4. For version 2016 a new thumbnail under Ungrouped items in the Applications and components side pane will appear.  For version 2016i and newer a new thumbnail under US Extensions items in the Applications and components side pane will appear.

4.  Usage

  1. Double click on the tool to load the settings dialog box.

  2. Detail Name - browse to the custom componentcomponent that the user creates and uses for creating model objects whose composition the user can modify as a group

    used to insert pour stop.  In the US environments there is a custom component called Pourstop v3 that can be used to insert pour stop.
  3. Detail Settings - browse to the saved attribute settings that should be used
  4. Rotate with beams - Choose whether the pourstop should rotate with beams or not.  This means if the pourstop is going around the perimiter of the building the tool will rotate the pour stop to ensure proper placement of the pour stop.
  5. Click Apply to set the settings that should be used and click Create
  6. Click the beams that the pour stop should be applied to.
  7. When finished selecting beams press the middle mouse button
  8. The tool inserts the custom component on each beam so for further clean up that will be required double click on the component placed on the beam. This will open the custom component settings to allow for further modification

5.  Additional information

  1. This tool uses the start point and end point locations for help in determining which direction the pour stop should be positioned.  Follow Tekla's recommended modeling methods for best results.
  2. If the beams are selected clockwise the pour stop will be placed toward the outside as shown below.

  3. If the beams are selected counter-clockwise the pour stop will be placed toward the inside as shown below.


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