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Polybeam length calculation

Last updated October 15, 2018 by Developer TIN Structures.developer.in@trimble.com

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Polybeam length calculation

Polybeampart of a certain shape that is created as a continuous chain of beams passing through points that the user picks

The segments of the polybeam are straight, but segment intersections can be curved. For example, a beam that follows a zigzag line is a polybeam.

length calculation tool allows user to find exact length of an polybeam.

Getting correct length of polybeam depends on many factors . User struggles to do the settings to get required output. User may need polybeam along center line but reference may be along inner face or outer face. So need a tool to easily get the length of polybeam along center, outer or inner face.

How to Locate

Installation is available at Polybeam Length Calculation

After installation, Polybeam mean length setting tool available under Applications & componets as shown below.


On double click you will get the Polybeam mean length setting dialog box in which you can edit mean length calculation factor.


Click the icon from toolbar.
Select the polybeam and give the mean length calculation factor. Then click Apply button and OK button. Repeat the same procedure for other beams if you want to give different factors for other beams else in one go you can select all beams and give the factor.

Then software will internally calculate the length and this could be checked through poly beam length report.

To open the report go to drawing and report -> Create report option

Select PolybeamLength option from the list.


Click on create from all button and you will get poly beam length report on you screen.


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