PEB Ridge Rafter

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PEB Ridge Rafter

PEB Ridge Rafter can be created by two independent plugins. 

  1. PEB Ridge Rafter by Two Rafters
  2. PEB Ridge Rafter by Three Points

Basically this two plugins are similar except input criteria

These two independent plugins made on top of the PEB Member component. This tool will create a ridge rafter for basic PEB ridge rafter requirements. It can create 3 inner flanges, 3 outer flanges and 3 webs. When you  have created the ridge rafter, you can modify by double-clicking the component and making the needed changes in the PEB Member.

How to locate

Installers are available at Pre-Engineered Building Tools for Tekla Structures version 21.0 and above.
For older versions, download at Pre-Engineered Building Tools old installers

After installation, the PEB Ridge Rafter by Two Rafters, PEB Ridge Rafter by Three Points will be available in the Applications & Components.


Method 1: Pick the left side PEB member and the right side PEB member after clicking the 'Pick' button in the dialog of PEB Ridge Rafter by Two Rafters
Method 2: Pick Three points (start point, end point and web line ridge point), after clicking the 'Pick' button in the dialog of PEB Ridge Rafter by Three Points

PEB Rigde Rafter dialog box

The dialog box contains the following tabs:

  • Picture
  • Parameters
  • Assembly


  • PEB Ridge Rafter by Two Rafters
  • PEB Ridge Rafter by Three Points

 User can define the offsets along the web line of the ridge rafter top flange as shown in the image below. You can enter the start depth and the end depth. The depth and depth distance at the ridge position are calculated and updated to the PEB Member plugincomponent that is developed using Tekla Open API

Plugin is a .dll file and loaded inside Tekla Structures process.

Plugins can be started from the applications and components catalog.

. Start and end angles are also calculated and updated to the PEB Member plugin.


Use the Parameters tab to define the flanges and the web, in the same manner as in PEB Member. For more details, see PEB member help.


Use the Assembly tab to enter the assembly details of the ridge rafter.


  • A 'Redraw' is required some times since the Workplane shows near to the orgin of the member as display is not getting updated for independent plugins in lower versions of Tekla Structures.
  • This tool is not a dedicated ridge rafter tool. It is a non-dependent plugin and basically it creates a PEB Member. However, it is easier to use this tool to create the ridge rafter than to create it manually, or by PEB member with a trial and error method.

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