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Label Tool

Purpose and description

This tool allows users to rapidly check individual properties of multiple selected objects in the model at once vs. using reports, the mini toolbar, or custom inquiry tool alone. Any model objectobject that is represented in a model

A model object is either created in a model or imported into it.

types that have user defined attributes and report properties can be queried. The user can also save away presets for different object types. This speeds up the review and checking of items in the model vs. having to review and check items on drawings.


System requirements

Environments:   All
Languages:   English, Translatable

Installing Label Tool

To install the applicationpart of Tekla Structures functionality that is developed in order to extend the capability of Tekla Structures but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation


  1. Make sure Tekla Structures is closed
  2. Install the extension downloaded from Tekla Warehouse
  3. Open Tekla Structures and a model.
  4. Before version 2016:A new toolbar icon which will launch the tool should now be visible. 2016 version and newer: a new thumbnail in the Applications and components side pane will appear.

Using Label Tool

To use the application:

  1. After the application is loaded type in either Report or User Attribute names into the dialog box, then specify the appropriate data and attribute types.
  2. Check the Show End Elevations on Beams option if selecting Beam Part objects in the model and you want to see the end elevation near the start and end point of the beam.
  3. Check the Mainpart Only option if you are selecting Part objects and you only want parts that are main parts to be displayed, and sub parts on assemblies will not be displayed.
  4. If you do not need to use all of the fields, simply empty out the Attribute Name content.
  5. Once all of the fields are set in the dialog box, select objects in the model, and then press the Create Labels button. You will then see Object Labels appear directly in the model for you to review the returned information.
  6. If you want to remove the Object Labels from the model simply clear your selection, then right click and chose the “Update Window” or “Redraw View” option. The Update Window option is much faster than Redrawing Window especially on larger models.
  1. Any Model Object that stored report or user defined attributes can be queried. Examples are mentioned below:
    1. Parts – Beams, Columns, Contour Plates, Slabs, Polybeams, etc.
    2. Bolts
    3. Welds
    4. Reinforcement
    5. Connections and Details – including input properties from the dialog
    6. Reference Models
    7. Reference Modelmodel which the designer can use as an aid when building another model

      A reference model is created in Tekla Structures or in other software and can be inserted to Tekla Structures. The reference model appears together with the model but it is not modified by Tekla Structures. The user can snap to reference model points.

      For example, an architectural model, a plant design model, or a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) model can be a reference model.


Additional information

  • Please provide rating and feedback on the Extension download page.
  • User Defined Attributes that are drop down lists return as integer values and not as the string values seen in the objects.inp file.

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