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Hexagon Tower Line

Last updated April 2, 2019 by Mohammad Faizal mohammad.faizal@trimble.com

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Hexagon Tower Line

Hexagon Tower Line allows to create a hexagon tower layout which enables you to snap hexagon layout points in 3D very easily. It is made out of construction lines. It is useful mainly  for chimney supporting structures detailing.

How to locate

The installers are available at Hexagon Tower Tools. After installaion, hexagon tower line comes under Hexagon Tower Tools in the Applicationpart of Tekla Structures functionality that is developed in order to extend the capability of Tekla Structures but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation

& Components


Input for this extension:

Pick two points. The first point dtermines the insertion point of the bottom hexagon and the second point decide the orientation of  entire hexagon tower layout.

Extension Window:


Bottom Edge Length , Levels, Top Edge Length:

Bottom Edge length, levels should enter in the bottom and middle text boxes. Entering top edge is optional based on the selection in 'slope by' option.


Slope by :

This option decides the the slope of the hexagon tower. When first option is active, the top edge length text box gets activated, and user may enter value there as shown in the previous picture. Second option is for inut slope in '1:x' format. Third option is to provide angle value in degree.

Hair Line Yes/No

Hair line required or not can be set from here.


Colors can be selected for hair line and body from here.

Sample Output

With out  Hair Line & With Hair Line. 

Direct Modification Features

The hexagon tower line tool is enabled with direct manipulation features. This get enable by activating the following 'Direct Modificationfunction that activates the mode where the model objects can be modified by using handles

Direct modification enables additional handles and modification options.

(D)' switch.

Preview Graphics:

It shows you a preview of shape what your are going to insert. Example:


Contextual Toolbar:

Contextual toolbarfloating toolbar that contains commands for modifying the most common object properties

The user can customize the contextual toolbar.

The term mini toolbar is used in Tekla Structures until version 21.1.

is a mini toolbar which gets opened once click on component in 'Select Components' and click on cubic button as shown below. Please make sure that the Direct Modification (D) switch is active
After clicking the cubic button shown above, contextual toolbar gets opened. From here many of the extension attributes can be handled with much ease without going to the extension main window.

Height Manipulators: 

After selecting hexagon tower line component in 'Select Components' height manipulators gets activated. By clicking and dragging the square blue grips, the height of of each level gets updated.

Example: (1)Select component

(2) Stretching

 (3) New Dimension

Same can be done by editing the dimension as well. 


Intermediate levels also can be edited in this way. Additional Intermediate levels can be added by picking round blue grip and trying to move towards left or right.



Edge Manipulator:

Bottom edge can be directly edited from the model by picking hexagon edge AB in the model and editing the dimension.



Some other shape than regular tapered hexagon by putting zero value for top edge.


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