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Formwork placing tools for walls - Panel

Last updated March 15, 2019 by CIP extensions tekla.extensions-castinplace@trimble.com

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Formwork placing tools for walls - Panel

Panel properties


Attribute / UI control Description


Formwork placing tool is placing various formwork components into the model. Most of the settings and necessary parameters are preset and thus most of the attributes are controlled by selecting the options from dropdown lists in the main dialogs.

These settings and preset parameters are organized by the formwork supplier and the product families. By selecting the supplier and product family you can 'filter' the content in the dropdown lists to make selection easier and to ensure the various components are compatible.

  Click this button to launch 'Tekla warehouse' from where you can find the components and Formwork placing tool configuration files.
  With the tool you are actually inserting an array of panels. Select the most preferred panel size using this dropdown.

If the total length of the array doesn't match with the panel width the tool is automatically placing smaller panels with same height into the array near the fill location (start/middle/end of the array)

  With this setting you can override the default panel widths. When inserting the array first time it is better to leave this input empty and modify the panels widths using the direct manipulation.


   Select the layout of the panel array and enter the offset from bottom the wall and total height of the panel array.
  With this option you can control whether the panels will be created in one side or both sides of the wall.

The wall thickness can be modified but when inserted the applied wall thickness is overridden with the actual thickness of the wall.


  Panel array will be inserted by two points. With this setting you can control where the empty space (for the filler) will be located.


  With this setting you can control whether the panels (and all accessories related to the wall formwork panels) are added to the pour or not. 
  The initial pour is identified automatically when inserting the panels (only when option 'Yes' was selected) and you can change the pour by clicking this button and picking a 'new' pour.

Please note that there is not any automatic recognition of a new pour in case you decide to move the formwork panels or you are adding pour breaks which will change the pours.

  You can start inserting of new formwork panel arrays by clicking this button. 
  You can add various accessories to selected panels automatically by clicking this button. When you click the button the following dialog will be shown:


Check or uncheck the tick boxes for various accessories. Please note that for clamps and walers you can control separately the creation at horizontal and/or vertical edges.

To begin the creation click the button 'Add accessories to selected'. The tool will then add the accessories using based on the applied settings in the main dialog. 



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