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Formwork Placing tools - Slabs: Release notes

Added May 4, 2018 by Riku Laiho riku.laiho@trimble.com

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Formwork Placing tools - Slabs: Release notes

Release 1.1

May 5, 2018

  • Sample .csv –files are installed to C:\ProgramData\Tekla Structures\<version>\Environments\common\system\CIPcast unit type where the concrete is formed, poured, and cured in its final position

    . Previously they were installed to …\system –folder.
  • Previously removing panels from slab’s skewed edge sometimes broke girder length automation. This has now been fixed.
  • Slabplate that represents a concrete structure

    In Tekla Structures, a slab is created by picking three or more points.

    Slab may be part of a floor, for example.

    formwork can now be copied, copy-rotated and mirrored. Note that to have the voids visible additional Modify is needed on the Panels-dialog and as a limitation locations of shutters aligned automatically under overlapping girders are not kept - the locations can be corrected by re-creating the shuttering.

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