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Find Number

Purpose and description

Although the number (or piece markmark that includes a set of selected property elements related to a part

Part marks are used for identifying constructions, for giving information about welding, for giving information about assemblies to a workshop, for giving information about how parts should be connected to each other, and for creating bills of quantities, for example.

In the US, the term piece mark is used to refer to position number.

) of any part or assembly can be found in Tekla Structures by using the Filters currently embedded within the software, the Find Number extension simplifies this greatly.

System requirements

Environments: US Imperial, US Metric
Languages: English

Installing Find Number

To install the applicationpart of Tekla Structures functionality that is developed in order to extend the capability of Tekla Structures but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation


  1. Close Tekla Structures (if running)
  2. Download and install the appropriate package for your version from Tekla Warehouse
  3. Reopen Tekla Structures once the installation is complete and you will see:
(Up to v21.1) A new toolbar.
(v2016 and newer) A new thumbnail in the Applications and components side pane.

Using Find Number

It is advised to only run this extension when numberingprocess of assigning position numbers to parts, cast units, assemblies, or reinforcement

In Tekla Structures, the position numbers assigned in the numbering are shown in marks and templates, for example.

is up to date. It will run when numbering might not be up-to-date but will warn of this and may give incorrect results.

Start the Find Number extension by clicking the toolbar icon or double-clicking on the thumbnail in Applications & components.

  1. Select whether you are looking for a Part number, an Assembly number or both
  2. Enter the value to be found in the text field
  1. Click find to highlight the objects conforming to the number defined.
  2. Use the existing ’Show Only Selected’ view or command or ’Fit Work Areacertain portion of the model that is currently active for working on in a view

    Tekla Structures indicates the work area using dashed lines. Since objects outside the work area exist but are not visible the user can set a certain sized work area so that the views of the model are simpler and quickly updated, for example.

    to Selected Parts’ command to ensure easier identification of highlighted parts.


  1. To search for one part number enter the part prefix and the specific number (e.g. p1)
  2. To search for a range of numbers, use a wildcard asterisk (e.g. p* will find every item beginning with a lower case ’p’)
  3. To search for a few specific marks use a comma separator (e.g. p1,p2,p3 will find numbers 1 thru 3 prefixed with p)
  4. Character wildcards can be used too (e.g. ??3 will find everything with 2 characters in front of a ’3’ like w13, w23, CC3, CD3)
  5. To search for parts or assemblies that have a space in the prefix use the character wildcard (e.g. B?H2 will find everything that has a "B H2" mark)

Additional information

  • Ranges cannot be defined for searching (e.g. p1-p4)

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by Manoj Patil

Very useful tool.