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Extend macros

Last updated August 8, 2017 by Tekla Support US tekla.support.us@trimble.com

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Extend macros



After the command has been started from the macro dialog box or your custom toolbar, you are prompted to pick the primary part. This primary/first part will be the control part that other parts are extended/trimmed to. Once you have selected this part, you are then immediately prompted to pick the secondary parts. You can select more than one secondary part(1) part that exists in a building object and that is connected to the main part

(1) Secondary part can be an assembly secondary part or a cast unit secondary part.

(2) input part that the user selects after selecting the component main part when creating a component

(2) A component can have none, one or more component secondary parts.

. Simply pick as many secondaries that will extend/trim to the primary/first picked part. Once you have selected all of the secondaries, just click the middle mouse button, then the secondaries will extend/trim, and the command will start over automatically. If you do not want to repeat the command, just press Esc on the keyboard, or right-click and choose interrupt. As you can see in the pictures below, the work points on the secondaries were moved to the intersection of the line formed by the start and endpoint of the primary beam.


Extend-Adjust Elevations


This tool is best used on beam framing more specifically at a roof and you want to change the slope of the primary beams, then just select all the other secondary framing beams to adjust their elevations to match exactly the new slope of the primary.

The Main Supporting beam endpoints are raised 4’-0 and 7’-0.

The Extend Adjust Elevations command is then used by first picking the primary now sloped parts, then picking only the beams framing into them to get the results shown below.

Then the command is used again on the interior opening framing as shown below.

In the end you can see that all of the framing X & Y coordinate geometry has been maintained in the plan view.

Extend Beams to Columns


This tool extends beams to a selected column (select previous to running the command). It does this searching around the selected column for beam part objects that match the “ExtendFilterName” defined inside of the macrosaved series of actions that includes instructions for a program

Macros are located in the applications and components catalog. They are recorded or created manually and stored as .cs file in a folder defined with the advanced option XS_MACRO_DIRECTORY.

Macros can, for example, be used for creating drawings or reports.

Macros are sometimes used to run an application.

. The search distance around the column is set in mm’s using the “ExtendTolerance” variable that is found inside of the macro *.cs file. By default the filter name is set to “BEAM”. You can edit the *.cs file from the Tools>Macros dialog box and change the filter name and search tolerance as needed.

Simply select the columns that you want beams framing into it to be extended into, then run the command.




Extend Beams to Vertical Plane


This tool extends/trims the ends of a group of selected beams (selected previous to running the command) to a vertical plane (plane parallel to true z) that is formed by two picking points. This is very useful if you have a whole grid linesingle line that visualizes a single grid plane on a view plane

where there the secondary beam framing is setbackdistance between a part end and its reference point

In Tekla Structures, knock-off dimensions are an example of setback distances.

at variable lengths and on multiple floor levels and you quickly want the beam end points to be lined up on the entire grid line. First have the beams selected that you want to extend/trim, activate the command, then pick two points and the nearest beam endpoint to that line will be extended or trimmed.



Starting in v21.1, the above Macros are available in all US Environment Roles

  • Cast In Place

  • Engineering

  • Precast Detailing

  • Steel Detailing

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