Duggans Side Rail Supports (WallBay)

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Duggans Side Rail Supports (WallBay)

The Duggan Steel Side Rail Supports macrosaved series of actions that includes instructions for a program

Macros are located in the applications and components catalog. They are recorded or created manually and stored as .cs file in a folder defined with the advanced option XS_MACRO_DIRECTORY.

Macros can, for example, be used for creating drawings or reports.

Macros are sometimes used to run an application.

can be used to define an arrangement of side rail supports between the rails of a bay.

Before and after

Tekla Structures model before adding Duggan Steel Side Rail Supports Tekla Structures model after adding Duggan Steel Side Rail Supports


  • Any modification of the selected parts will cause this macro to be updated.
  • Most of the data required for this macro is fixed by Duggan Steel and stored in a series of data files supplied with Tekla Structures. Where standard data is not applicable, then certain items can be modified through the Parameters tab of the properties panel, but it is also possible to tailor the data files to individual requirements. This would require assistance from Tekla Structures support.
  • All rails in the bay must have the same section depth.
  • All rail lengths must be parallel. 

Selection order example

  1. Stanchion (which can be of any type)
  2. Stanchion (which can be of any type)
  3. As many rails as required
  4. Click middle mouse button

The order to select Tekla Structures model when adding Duggan Steel Side Rail Supports

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