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DSTV File Name Modifier

Last updated November 18, 2014 by Trimble Solutions ME tekla.support.me@trimble.com

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DSTV File Name Modifier

1. Purpose and description

This tool is developed to help Tekla Structures customers to customize NC filefile that contains information gathered from a model and exported to computer numerical controlled fabrication machinery

Tekla Structures produces NC files in several formats, for example, DSTV.

names. Default NC
files are being created with only Piece Markmark that includes a set of selected property elements related to a part

Part marks are made use of, for example, when identifying constructions, when giving information about welding, when giving information about assemblies to a workshop, when giving information about how parts should be connected to each other, and when creating bills of quantities.

In the US, the term piece mark is used to refer to position number.

whereas some customers would like to have Project
Number, Profile and Material in NC file names. It is all possible with this new tool.

2. System requirements

  • .NET Framework version: 4.0
  • Tekla Structures Version: Does not require Tekla Structures. It is a standalone applicationpart of Tekla Structures functionality that is developed in order to extend the capability of Tekla Structures but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation

  • Set the size of text and other items on your screen by choosing “smaller-100%(default)” for this, Go to Control Panel >>Appearance and Personalization>>Display

3. Usage

You should have NC files created in advance:
1. Run the application by double clicking.
2. You need to select Multiple Files or All Files (Select Folder).
3. Input the files or folder from Browse option.
4. Where to save the renamed files? There are two options, same folder as original by check
mark or select new folder location by browsing.
5. Choose the file name format. There are ten options available: ( Project Number, Piecebuilding object that is a basic element of a model and that can be modeled and detailed further

The main concrete parts are: column, beam, polybeam, spiral beam, panel, slab, pad footing, strip footing, and item.

The main steel parts are: column, beam, polybeam, curved beam, twin profile, orthogonal beam, spiral beam, contour plate, bent plate, and item.

The term piece is sometimes used to refer to part.

Mark, Profile, Material, Quantify, Text Info1, Text Info2, Text Info3, Text Info4, or any Text)

Text Info1, Text Info2, Text Info3, Text Info4 will be as stated in NC File Header
Information. See the image below:

6. You can choose any combination with “-“ or ”_” as a separators. More options can be
added later.
Please note that special characters can be used, but you will find that “/” will be ignored
from the renamed file name and also “*” will be replaced with “X”.
7. You can preview the file name by clicking on Preview.
8. You can also save your current settings as default setting.
9. You can reload default settings as well.
10. Finally, you can reload rename all selected NC files to new file names in one go. There are
two options to select from:

  • Create new files

This option will create a copy of the selected NC files and gives a name based on
the file name format that you have chosen. Note that entire file will not be changed.

  • Rename Original Files.

This option will rename the original selected NC files by the file name format you
have chosen without changing the entire file.

4. What you need to know about this tool?

When you run the application first time, the default setting will be run automatically.

And if you click on preview after selecting the NC files, the following format will be displayed:

However, when you need to exclude one or more options, then simply you need to uncheck the
checkbox beside the drop-down list, and this will disable it. It’s important to remember that one
option needs to be selected at least when you select NC files. If you want to check only one option
then this needs to be “Piece Mark”, since any given format without selecting Piece Mark will halt
the execution of the process. No files will be processed unless Piece Mark option is there with the
given selection.

Examples on different file name formats:

5. Troubleshooting:

This topic introduces some errors that you might encounter and the proper solution for

Case : Unable to preview the new name of the CNCoperation of a machine tool with a computer controlling the manufacturing process

During the computer numerical control manufacturing process, a machine tool or machining center drills, cuts, or shapes the piece of material.

The terms numerical control and NC refer to the method used prior to computer numerical control. However, the abbreviation NC is often used in the term NC file.


Reason : You tried to preview the name without selecting at least one CNC file.
Solution : You must select CNC file(s) first so that the application can read the related information based on your selection.

Case : Unable to process the selected CNC file(s).

Reason : You clicked on “Start” button without choosing
one of the two available option

Solution : You must choose first between these two available options so that you can proceed.

  • Create new file(s) with new names
  • Rename original file(s).

Case : Unable to process the selected CNC file(s).

Reason : You clicked on “Start” button without choosing the output directory to place the processed file(s) in (If any).

Solution: You can either check “Place to source folder(s) automatically” and this will load all the processed files in the same input directory that you have chosen the CNC file(s) from. Or, you can simply click on “Browse” button to select the output directory for the processed files.

Case : Unable to save the current settings.
Reason : This is still a limitation in the current version; you can only save settings if you
selected four items from all the four drop down lists. The below example will cause this:

Solution: If you need to save settings in which you can load later, then you need to select
from all the drop-down lists and then click on save settings. This should work. See the following

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by Phani


by Mohammad Al-Azraq

Hi Phani,
I believe this is happening as this tool is hard coded to get the attributes (Pos number, quantity...etc) based on the row order within the DSTV file.
And in recent versions of Tekla Structures the user can customize the DSTV header and change the order of the attributes.
So basically this will require some changes to this extension algorithm.
We will pass this request to the developer in order to take necessary fixes.
You can subscribe to this extension on the warehouse to get notified when the new version get released.