Concrete Column Schedule Attributes

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Concrete Column Schedule Attributes

1. Purpose and description
This package installs set of drawing attributes that can be used to create concrete column schedule template and display relevent information.

2. System requirements
Environments: Any
Languages: ENGLISH

3. Installation
To install the applicationpart of Tekla Structures functionality that is developed in order to extend the capability of Tekla Structures but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation

Download and run .tsep file which is available in the Applications category (or as a search) of Tekla Warehouseservice for collaboration and for storing and sharing Tekla Structures content

In Tekla Warehouse the content items are stored in collections. Tekla Warehouse includes the Tekla Warehouse Service and the Tekla Warehouse web site.

Tekla Warehouse is one of the Tekla online services.

Have Tekla Structures closed during installation.
Reopen Tekla Structures once installation is complete.

4. Usage
To use the application:

After installation below attributes are available 

Graphical attributes 


It displays Rebar and stirrup layout in column cross sectiongeometrical form of a part sectioned perpendicular to its axis

, and provides alphabetical designation to main bars. 





It displays stirrup layout seperately to simplify stirrup arrangement. 


Textual attributes 

This displays information of vertical main bars in column. Can be configured using configuration file.
This attribute displays information of stirrups in column. Can be configured using configuration file.
This attribute displays information about stirrup spacing zones. Can be configured using configuration file.
This attribute displays information about Dowel bars going from this column to above column. Can be configured using configuration file.

5. Configuration File - ConcreteColumnScheduleConfig.ini

This file will be created automatically in your model's attribute folder when you use any of above attributes in your drawing template and open that drawing. 
If this file already exist in your model's attribute folder then attributes will use that file (no overwriting).

You can configure below options in this ini file. 

* Rebar designation format
STRAIGHT_BAR %COUNT%- %SIZE%Ø X %LENGTH% - %NAME% e.g. output will be  8-16Ø X 7.5 - MAIN REBAR
BEND_BAR %COUNT%- %SIZE%Ø - [%REBAR_POS%] - %NAME% e.g. output will be  4-16Ø - R1 - MAIN REBAR
SYMBOL RebarSymbol@0 Symbol to represent c/s of main bar in COLUMN_LAYOUT graphical attribute (e.g. filled end)
UNIT_LENGTH 4 UNIT -> MM=1  DM=2   CM=3   M=4   INCH=5    FEET=6   YD=7  INCH-FRAC=8   FT-FRAC=9
* Dowel options
DOWEL_NAME DOWEL Name used in model for dowel bars. To identify and report dowel bars.
DOWEL_BAR %COUNT%-%SIZE%Ø X %LENGTH%M-%NAME% e.g. output will be 4-16Ø X 2.5 - DOWEL
* Stirrup options
STIRRUP_BAR %COUNT%-%REBAR_POS%-%NAME% e.g. output will be 4-R15- STIRRUP
STIRRUP_SPACING %COUNT%@%SPACING% e.g. output will be 4@100 / 8@300 / 4@100   multiple zones with separator as per SEPERATOR_STRING option
UNIT_SPACING 1 UNIT -> MM=1  DM=2   CM=3   M=4   INCH=5    FEET=6   YD=7  INCH-FRAC=8   FT-FRAC=9
*Seperator string 
SEPARATOR_STRING  /                                                   This is a seperator used to seperate stirrups spacing, different main bars , different dowel bars etc. 


Configuration file explains it in detail. 
Below are the contents of this ini file. 


6. Sample template file 

This installation will also install below template file in Environments/common/template/  folder that can be referred on usage of this variables. 
Concrete Column Schedule.tpl   


7. Adding graphical attributes in custom templates. 

After adding the graphical attributes to your template, open the template file in text editor and make sure field attribute value is also equal to attribute.

e.g. for COLUMN_LAYOUT graphical attribute
field = "COLUMN_LAYOUT" 

and for STIRRUP_LAYOUT graphical attribute

See below picture.



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