Center of gravity

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Center of gravity


Purpose and description
System requirements
Installing Center of gravity
Using Center of gravity

  1. Center of gravity symbol
  2. Center of gravity dimensions
    1. Center of gravity rule editor

Purpose and description

This tool automatically creates a center of gravity symbol and dimensions from the drawing settingssettings that control what the drawing looks like and what it includes

Drawing settings can be defined in the modeling mode when creating a drawing, and they can be modified in the drawing mode.

The range of the objects and elements that drawing settings affect may vary.

. So you can create a drawing from scratch that will include the center of gravity.

System requirements

Tekla Structures version: Not version specific
Environments: All

Installing Center of gravity

To install the extension:

  1. Download the Center of gravity dimensioning installer package from Tekla Warehouse. For more information see Downloading an application from Tekla Warehouse.
  2. Install the file package.
Note: From Tekla Structures 2017 SP5 and 2017i SP 1  this step is not needed.
  1. Import from Tekla Warehouse the Configuration file and insert it in a model.

Using Center of gravity

The center of gravity can be set from the drawing properties or view properties, so when a drawing is created you can choose in which views the center of gravity will be created e.g. top viewdefault view that is created using the part’s or component’s coordinate system and that shows the part or component from the top direction

Part’s top view is a view on part plane created of the part’s top plane.


  1.  Center of gravity symbol

To create the center of gravity symbol you do it from the part attributes by selecting
in the Custom presentation "CenterOfGravityCustomPresentation".

  • If you want to change the default center of gravity symbol you can do so by changing the symbol index 17 in the COG.sym file (located in your environment) .
  • We don't have the option of letting the user changing the symbol through the dialog.
  • So just make sure the COG.sym file contains your default center of gravity symbol that you will use in your projects.
  • The highlighted symbol on the left matrix is the one you would need to update.

  1. Center of gravity dimensions

You can as well create the dimensions for the center of gravity in the dimensioning parameters.

  • Note: From Tekla Structures 2017 SP5 and 2017i SP 1  the following step is not needed.
    • Remember to get the DimensioningConfiguration.xml file into your model or merge it into the one available in your environment, so the "Center of gravity" dimensioning option is available:

  1. Center of gravity rule editor

Select the Center of gravity rule editor dimensioning rules, the Edit rule button becomes active, press it to open the dialog:

Field Description Default
Dimension attributes Attributes for creating the dimensions, All the dimensioning attributes are listed here. COG
Reference point Reference point for dimensioning creation.

The options are:

Origin - uses the origin point of the part.

Start point - Uses the start point of the part. (it is the first point selected at creation )

Extrema - Uses the extrema point of the part.


Dimensions placings Sets the side to show the dimensions.

The options are:
Left - only the dimension on the left is created.

Right - only the dimension on the right is created.

Top - only the dimension on the top is created.

Bottom - only the dimension on the bottom is created.

Left and Bottom
  • In order to work as expected, attribute files from Center of gravity dimensioning rule editor must be used at Dimensioning rules => Properties.  
  • You can use existing files or you can create new ones. 

Example for attribute file usage

To ease your work already created attribute files could be used.

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by Rob Jackson

Non-version specific installer package not available in Tekla warehouse.
I need it for 2017i.

by Oxana Kyllönen

Hi Rob
Thank you for asking. We got your request now and will try to get back shortly.