Report Manager

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Report Manager

Purpose and description

This extension enables user to manage reports. You can define what report is used with what filter and define used parameters like Name, Title1 - 3. With the possibility to save this, you can manage all reports in your project that you may need to create more than once and be sure, that they contain correct content.

Installing Report Manager

You can download Report Manager on Tekla Warehouse.
After the installation, you will find the Report Manager extension in the component catalogcatalog that contains all system components and custom components, and the macros and applications


Using Report Manager

Add a report to the table

Define the settings you want your report to be created with:

  • Report: Select the report you want to create.
  • Filter: Select a selection-filter to define what objects you want to report.
  • Name: Define the name of your report. If you change the report, Name will always be renamed according to report name.
  • Title 1-3: If you want, you can add needed text.

Click on the green-plus-button to add a report to the table on the left side.

Delete a report from the table

Select the report you want to delete from the table on the left side.
Click on the red-minus-button delete selected report.

Modify a report in the table

Simply click on the report in the table. All properties will be showed on the right side, where you can edit them.
Click Modify to save the properties.

Open Folder

Opens the report folder that is defined as a subfolder from model according to advanced option XS_REPORT_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY.

Select Objects by Filter

Selects all objects based on the selection-filter used in Filter property.

Create Report

Creates the report that is selected in the table. If the report is an Tekla Structures internal report (*.xsr), then it will open Tekla Structures-Viewer, otherwise it will open the report with the tool you usually open (*.pdf, *.doc, *.xls, ...).

Open Viewer

If you already created a specific report, you can open the viewer to display the report again.

Create All

Creates all report in the table. Opens report folder when all reports are created.

Additional information

This extension is developed and tested based on Switzerland Environment. In general, it should work in every Environment, but it's not tested and verified.

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