Building Point Configurator

Last updated March 27, 2020 by BuildingPoint Schweiz AG

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Building Point Configurator

Purpose and description

This extension allows you to copy files to your local drive that have been shared from your admin with extension BuildingPoint Admin Tool before. You can add Roles, Multiuser adress or Plugins that have been shared by your admin.

Using BuildingPoint Configurator


you can start the extension in two ways:

  1. You browse to your firmfolder. You will find BPCConfiguratorStartUp.exe there. Double click this file.
  2. If you started Tekla Structures by a role which already contains correct firmfolder, then you can start it from component catalogcatalog that contains all system components and custom components, and the macros and applications



Copy Files

Check that correct Tekla Version is active.

  1. Choose what files you need to copy.
  2. Click copy.

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