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Purpose and description

This extension enables user to annotate parts such as sloped slabs. Annotations show you the correct geometry-values like TOP_LEVEL, BOTTOM_LEVEL or THICKNESS according to the location where the text-arrow points to.

System requirements

This extension is only available for maintenance customers of BuildingPoint Switzerland.
This extension needs Tekla Structures 2020 or newer.
The ribbon-icon will only be presented by using Tekla Structures 2020 SP2 onwards.

Installing Annotations

You can download the extension on Tekla Warehouse.
After the installation, you will find the extesion in the ribbon in tab SWISSTOOLS or in the component catalogcatalog that contains all system components and custom components, and the macros and applications


Using Annotations

Annotate parts

To annotate a part, simply click on the part you want to annotate, then click the location you want to annotate and then define the location of the text.

Define the text-schema

You can define the settings in the dialog. Open the dialog-window by double-click the component or while pressing SHIFT-Button on your keyboard before you start the function.

  1. You can use OK to label TOP_LEVEL and UK to label BOTTOM_LEVEL of a part. These values are calculated at excately that point where your arrow points to.
  2. Available attributes to label.
  3. Use USER_TEXT to define a static text.
  4. Use <--' to get a new line.
  5. Move or delete selected object in point 6.
  6. Current text-schema. Click on a object to modify it as described in point 5. If you double click on at static text (USER_TEXT), you can change the text.
  7. Define text-settings.
  8. Define settings for numbers like OK, UK or THICKNESS.
  9. Activate Round digits to round on 5 instead of 1mm.


In the Tab Settings, you can define the settings for the arrow-line.

Move Annotation

If you want to move an annotation, you need to select the component first. Now you see two green handles where you labeled the part and where your text-block is. Click on the handle and move, depending if you want to move the point that is labelled or if you want to move the text-location.

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