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Last updated March 27, 2020 by BuildingPoint Schweiz AG

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BuildingPoint Admin Tool

Purpose and description

This extension enables user to manage their company within Tekla Structures. You can create a Firmfolder, add Roles that point to defined Firmfolder, read your Multiuser-Server adress and share installed Plugins. All of these can be shared to all other users in your company using integrated extension BuildingPoint Configurator. Firmfolders that were created with this extension can be updated to new Tekla Structures version as well.

System requirements

This extension only works in Switzerland Environment!

Installing BuildingPoint Admin Tool

You can download BuildingPoint Admin Tool on Tekla Warehouse.
After the installation, you will find these two extesions in the component catalogcatalog that contains all system components and custom components, and the macros and applications


Using BuildingPoint Admin Tool


  1. If you check open Folder before clicking a button, it will open matching folders afterwards, so you can check the result.
  2. You can open your firmfolder at any time by clicking on the path in the statusbar at the bottom-right.
  3. After you created firmfolders, roles or shared multiuser adresses or plugins, they will always be copied to your Firmfolder (in that case in D:\Firmeneinstellungen\Tekla Firmenordner\2020.0\Admin). Users will be able to use these files with extension BuildingPoint Configurator.

Create Firmfolder

  1. Select Browse to define where you want to have your firmfolder.
  2. Define a name for your new firmrole.
  3. Select a role from Switzerland Environment, based on which your role will be created.
  4. Click Create Firm to create your firmfolder and role.

Update Firmfolder

This Tab is needed when you install a new version of Tekla Structures (like 2020i, 2021) and want to update your firmfolder to the new version.
Please be aware that you should only use this functionality if you have created your firmfolder with this extension before!

  1. Choose the version you used before with your firmfolder.
  2. Select the role you used with your firmfolder.
  3. Define a name for your new role.
  4. Select a new role from Switzerland Environment, based on which your role will be created.
  5. Clicking on Update Firm will do following tasks:
    1. Creates a new subfolder for the new version (e.g. \2020.1\Firm\).
    2. Copy new FirmExample folders from Switzerland Environment to your firmfolder.
    3. Copy your existing firmfolder from selected "old version" to new version subfolder.
    4. Updates your option_*.ini file to new version.
    5. Create a new role as defined above.

Add Role

This menu is only visible when a Firmfolder is found (either by creating a Firmfolder first or open with a Role where XS_FIRM points to a valid Firmfolder).

  1. Define a name for your new firmrole.
  2. Select a role from Switzerland Environment, based on which your role will be created.
  3. Click Add Role to create your firmfolder and role.

Multiuser Adress

  1. You can share your Multiuser adress by simply clicking the button. The adress shown above is the latest used Multiuser adress and this will be saved to firmfolder.


This Tab shows you all installed plugins (normally installed as TSEP).

  1. Select the plugins that you want to share within your company. You can use normal Shortcuts like CTRL+A, Shift+click, etc. to select multiple plugins.
  2. Click share plugins to copy them to firmfolder.

Other Tools

To be continued :-)

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