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Auto Task Suite

Purpose and description

The Auto Taskin the task manager, a representation of a piece of work that needs to be carried out in order to complete a project

Suite is an applicationpart of Tekla Structures functionality that is developed in order to extend the capability of Tekla Structures but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation

for running macros automatically in Tekla Structures after performing certain events like opening, saving or numberingprocess of assigning position numbers to parts, cast units, assemblies, or reinforcement

In Tekla Structures, the position numbers assigned in the numbering are shown in marks and templates, for example.

a model. This automation allows users to work faster and with less error.


System requirements

Environments: US Imperial, US Metric
Languages: English

Installing Auto Task Suite

To install the application:

  1. Have Tekla Structures closed during installation.
  2. Install the appropriate installation package that you can download from the Tekla Warehouseservice for collaboration and for storing and sharing Tekla Structures content

    In Tekla Warehouse the content items are stored in collections. Tekla Warehouse includes the Tekla Warehouse Service and the Tekla Warehouse web site.

    Tekla Warehouse is one of the Tekla online services.

    .  (Before 2016i install the .msi.  2016i and newer install the .tsep.)
  3. Reopen Tekla Structures once installation is complete.
  4. Before version 2016:  A new toolbar icon which will launch the tool should now be visible when a drawing is opened. For version 2016 a new thumbnail under Ungrouped items in the Applications and components side pane will appear.  For version 2016i and newer a new thumbnail under US Extensions items in the Applications and components side pane will appear.
Before v 2016:    2016+:   

Using Auto Task Suite

To use the application:
The Auto Task Suite contains three tools. The first one is for the Auto Task Configurator which allows users to link the macros to the events. The play and stop buttons stop and start the Auto Task Player which is running in the background when Tekla Structures is opened.
To open the Auto Task Configurator, click on the icon/thumbnail shown.  
The user will temporarily see a splash screen of the Auto Task Player. The Auto Task Configurator user interface will open.


User Interface


Event Type: A pull down list of events that can run the macros.  When selected, the macros can be set for each event.


Macrosaved series of actions that includes instructions for a program

Macros are located in the applications and components catalog. They are recorded or created manually and stored as .cs file in a folder defined with the advanced option XS_MACRO_DIRECTORY.

Macros can, for example, be used for creating drawings or reports.

Macros are sometimes used to run an application.

List: This pull down lists all macros available within the Tools/Macros interface. Users can add their own macros into their environment folders to have them show up in the pull down.
     Add Macros: Adds the selected macro to the Macro List.
     Remove Macros: Removes selected macro in the Macro List.
Macro List Search: Search for macros listed in the list of active macros.
Edit & Remove Rules: Edit the properties of applied filters or rules. Remove rules. Rules are automatically created when searching the macro list for example.
Help:  Hit F1 on the keyboard to open the Help file.

Pausing and Restarting

The user can temporarily pause the Auto Task Player from the interface as desired.
1.  To pause the activities, select the pause icon/thumbnail. The user is also prompted of this at the bottom left of the interface.


2.  Users can restart the application by selecting the Run icon/thumbnail at any time. The user is also prompted of this at the bottom left of the interface.



We will set up the application to run a macro that runs the Phase Numbering macro after saving the model.
1.  Launch application.
2.  Set the Event Type to Numbering done.
3.  Browse and select the Phase Numbering macro.
4.  Add macro.


5.  Exit the dialog box by selecting the x in the upper right corner.
6.  Save the model.
7.  The phase numbering macro will run.

Additional information

  • The Auto Task Suite can run macros when opening a model. However, to do this, the model has to be opened at least one time with the Auto Task Suite set up so that the application knows to run the macros the next time around.
  • Running macros with this application can be augmented with scheduled Windows script routines. For example, the user could set up for midnight to launch Tekla Structures remotely, open a model, run a set of macros like exporting data sets (utilizing this application), then closing Tekla Structures.

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