Wood wall (57)

Software version: 2016

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Wood wall (57)

System component Wood wall (57) now includes several improvements.
You can now define the position of the battens and the stanchions on the outside of the element relative to the element:

For the stanchions at the top- and bottomsides of the opening, you can now use separate profiles:

You can use the setting Fill opening to set whether the opening must be filled up or not. The properties of this object are defined on the same tab. The created object in the opening also serves as a tool for dimensioning the clearance in the elementdrawing. For this, specific dimensioning rules have been defined in the drawing.
Mostly, the clearance is the actual dimension between the stanchions of the frame. In that case, the created object in the opening will clash with possible dayside-profiles. You must take this into account while running a clash check. Optional you can position the object exact between the dayside-profiles.
Incase that the clearance is filled up, you can define a tolerance if this is desired.

On the tab Slots you can now define recesses for the outside profiles on the wooden frame, for example to create a slot in the bottom batten for anchors but also for creating a bevel on several profiles of the element.



wood wall

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