Using a barcode font in templates and reports

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Using a barcode font in templates and reports

You can show information in templates and reports in Tekla Structures as a barcode, for instance the project number:


Installing the barcode font

To be able to use the barcode, you first must install the concerned font on your computer:
  1. Google for a "barcode" font and download this type or download the following "barcode" font.
  2. Double-click the *.ttf file to install the font on your computer, the following dialog box appears:
  3. Click Install, the font is being installed.

Edit templates or pdf reports

  1. Open a template or pdf report in the Template Editor to define the barcode font.
  2. Double-click the concerned value field and modify the font:
  3. Save the template or pdf report and open the drawing in Tekla Structures to check the modified template or pdf report, the barcode font is showed:


The included template barcode_assembly_phase_number.tpl shows a barcode on the drawing and can be used as a default line to read in the code in other software:


The template shows the following content for the barcode: *Torder number-phase-assembly number* ? *T2018-12345/1/L11* and font Bar39fh.ttf is being used.

Click the following *.zip file to save the file and next install the included *.ttf file (font) on your computer.

Enclosure File size
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Barcode font Bar39fh.ttf can be scanned.

You can find lots of fonts on the internet and many of these are for free. Construsoft cannot guarantee that all these fonts can be scanned.




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