Split contour plates

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Split contour plates

Tekla Structures includes the command Split for splitting parts. You can split parts by picking a point for the dividing line.
For more information about splitting parts, click here.
You can also split reinforcing bars by clicking two points.
To split a contour plate you need to pick an area. To split a contour plate:

  1. Ensure that the Z axis is perpendicular to the plate or slab you want to split.
  2. On the Edit tab, click Split.
  3. Select the part you want to split.
  4. Pick positions to outline the polygon to be used for splitting. When you pick the corner points of the polygon to be used for splitting, make sure the starting and end points are outside of the part, and on the same side of the part:

The contour plate is being split:



split contour plates

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