New user interface

Software version: 2016i - 2016

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New user interface

Tekla Structures 2016 comes with a fresh user interface and lots of new features that help you work more productively.

Welcome page

Once you have started Tekla Structures 2016, the new Welcome page appears and allows you to easily access your existing and recent models. Here you can also create new models.
All model related information is now displayed on the same page: the environment, version, date last modified, language, and description of the project. Also your current Tekla Structures setup (environment, role and configuration) is displayed.

U kunt op de Welkom pagina selecteren wat u wilt doen:

  • On the tab Recent you can open a recently used model.
  • On the tab All models you can open any existing model.
  • On the tab New you can create a new model.

Create a thumbnail image of the model

You can add a thumbnail image to make it easier to recognize your project even when you do not remember the exact name of the model. The thumbnail image is displayed when you browse for existing models.
Om een miniatuurafbeelding toe te voegen:

  1. On the View tab, click Screenshot --> Project thumbnail.
  2. Pick a view. Tekla Structures creates the image and saves it in the model folder with the name thumbnail.png.
  3. To check the thumbnail, go to the File menu, click Open, and select the model you created the thumbnail for. The image is now displayed next to the model name. For example:



new user interface

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