Improvements in reference models

Software version: 2016i - 2016

Laatst bijgewerkt January 16, 2019 by Construsoft NL


Improvements in reference models

Improvements in storing reference model data

When a reference model is inserted or updated, reference model data is now copied to the Tekla Structures model internal data storage located in the <current model>\datastorage\ref folder.

Faster IFC reference models

Moving and handling an IFC reference model is now faster thanks to the improvements in the IFC reference model rotation speed.

Improved IFC steel fabrication view

Steel fabrication view in IFC export has been improved in the following ways:

  • Steel fabrication model view configuration file for property sets and properties (IfcPropertySetConfigurations_AISC.xml) is now included in Tekla Structures installation by default.
  • You can now create property sets for entity types IfcDiscreteAccessory and IfcOpeningElement.
  • IFC export now supports count measure IfcCountMeasure and positive length measure IfcPositiveLenghtMeasure.
  • All unnecessary entity types, such as color, have been removed.



improvements in reference models

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