Improved reference model change detection

Software version: 2016i - 2016

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Improved reference model change detection

The change detection between the different versions of the same reference model has been developed further, and you can now also check the changes on object level. The changed objects are listed in the new bottom pane. You can check the property details of the listed objects, and the changes in the objects between the versions.

Detect changes between a new and an older reference model version

Suppose that you have added the following IFC file as a reference model in an earlier stage:

You now have a new IFC file. To detect the changes between a new and an older reference model version, you do the following:

  1. Open the Reference Models list by clicking the Reference Models button in the side pane.
  2. Add the new reference model (from the same location as the older reference model).

  1. Double-click on the line of the new reference model in the list Reference Models.
  2. Click on the Change detection arrow and click Browse to browse from the earlier version of the IFC file:
  1. The detection will be executed automatically:

In the Change detection list, the current version is bolded. The newest version is at the top and the oldest at the bottom.
  1. Ensure that you have both the original reference model and the browsed older reference model version visible by setting the eye buttons activein the Change detection section.
After the change detection, in the model view all reference model objects will have a specific color to indicate the status of the objects. These colors correspond to the lines in the Changes list.

  1. You can use the check boxes in the list Change detection to set the status you want to see in the model view and in the bottom pane. Click the button Update view once you have selected or deselected a check box:

  1. Select a line in the changes list to see the property details in the side pane:

The property details list contains at least the name, location as origin and property set properties, basically the content is the same as in the reference object inquiry report. The details list also indicates how the individual properties have changed in the Old value and New value columns.


To only show changes in the list, you can use the checkbox Show only changes:

  • To select the object in the model, click the line in the changes list and check the option Select objects in the model.

  • To show the object in the model, click a row in the changes list, and then select the Select objects in model check box.
You can search for specific items using the search box at the bottom.
  • If the changes list disappears, you can bring it back by clicking the Changes list button in the side pane.
  • If the details list disappears, you can bring it back by clicking the Properties details button in the side pane.
These two buttons are only visible when the Change detection command is active.



improved reference model change detection

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