Fillet edges in model views and drawings

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Fillet edges in model views and drawings

In Tekla Structures 2016, straight and curved part faces are clearly separated from each other, and the boundaries between them are shown as fillet edges in model views and in drawings. Fillet edges can be shown in all drawing types for parts and pours.

Fillet edges in model views

Fillet edges are common to steel and concrete parts, and pour objects.
They affect both the object profiles with round shapes, such as steel beam profile and hollow core slab profiles, and the object geometry itself, such as curved slabs.

The filled edges are shown by default in both model views and drawings in case parts are represented as exact lines.
Fillet edges are not shown in model views if you have the DX rendering switch on in File menu > Settings.

Fillet edges in drawings

In drawings, Exact representation might be required to show the fillet edges.

You can show fillet edges in Part properties and in Pour object properties on drawing, view and object level.
In Part properties or Pour object properties , under Additional marks, ensure that the Fillet edges on/off check box is selected.



fillet edges in model views and drawings

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