Contextual toolbar

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Contextual toolbar

You can use the new contextual toolbar to make quick changes to model and drawing objects:

The contextual toolbar replaces both the old Mini Toolbar and the direct modification toolbar.

The contextual toolbar symbol appears when an object is selected and returns to the original icon when you move the mouse from the object. You can turn the contextual toolbar on and off by selecting the check box via File > Settings > Contextual toolbar or you use the shortcut Ctrl + K.
Hold down the Ctrl key and move the toolbar to a new location. For more detailed information, click here.

Customize the contextual toolbar

You can customize the contextual toolbar by selecting which toolbar elements are visible. To modify the contextual toolbar:

  1. On the contextual toolbar, click Customize
  2. By selecting and clearing check boxes, define which toolbar elements you wish to show or hide. The Preview area shows what the toolbar will look like.

  1. You can also adjust the width of the elements, and add icons and additional titles to the elements. You can create multiple user profiles for contextual toolbars. Each profile contains the same contextual toolbars, but with different settings
  2. Click OK.

The contextual toolbar does not work for items.



Contextual Toolbar

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