Change the appearance of the ribbon

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Change the appearance of the ribbon

You can change the order of ribbon tabs, choose how they are aligned, and even hide some parts of the ribbon if you do not need them in your current project. For example, if you are only modeling steel parts, you can (temporarily) hide the Concrete tab. You can also minimize the ribbon to save space on your screen and add a custom tab.

Change the order of tabs

To change the order of tabs on the ribbon, drag and drop the tab titles:

Align tabs

To change how the tabs are aligned, right-click on the top bar of the ribbon, select Navigation mode.

Next select one of the options:

Scroll visible

This is the default mode. The ribbon movement is minimal when you switch between the tabs:

If you next click the Steel tab, this tab will be displayed on the left of the ribbon so the movement is minimal so aligning the tab depends on the situation:

Align to left

The tabs always start from the left side of the ribbon:

This means that you might sometimes have a lot of space on the right, for example when you select the tab Analysis & Design:

Align to tab

The tabs start from the left side of the current tab:

Hide tabs

To hide tabs (temporarily):

  1. Rest the mouse pointer on a tab title. A small eye symbol appears next to the tab title:
  1. Click the eye symbol . The eye symbol changes and the tab title becomes gray:

The Steel tab is now hidden from the ribbon. If you slide the ribbon, hidden tabs appear as:

To re-display the hidden tab, click the eye symbol again.

Minimize the ribbon

To minimize the ribbon, right-click on the top bar of the ribbon, and then select Minimize.

The ribbon is now automatically hidden to save space on the screen. When you move the mouse pointer on top of the tab titles, the ribbon reappears.

Add a custom tab

You can add a custom tab to the ribbon:

You cannot change the name of the custom tab.

To add commands:

  1. Go to File > Settings > Ribbon, dialog box Ribbon appears:
  1. To add a command, click Add
  2. Select a command from the list that appears, and then click Create.
Use the Search box to find commands, components, macros, and plug-ins. For example, type custom to find the Define Custom Component command.
  1. To add an external application, for example the programm CCleaner, use the Custom tab.
You can link to any file or URL. Aso define a picture. The preferred size of the image is 32 x 32 pixels.
  1. Click Save. Tekla Structures adds a new tab Custom to the ribbon:


To change a command to another one, click Edit, select a new command from the list that appears, and then click Save.
To change the order of the commands, use the arrow buttons.
To remove a command, select the command and click Delete.
To export the custom tab to a file, click Export and save the CustomTab.xml file.
To import a previously saved custom tab, click Import and browse for the CustomTab.xml file.




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