Applications and components database

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Applications and components database

Publish and import groups

You can collect content, such as macros, extensions, and system and custom components to a group that you create in the Applications & components catalog.
You can then publish the group as a catalog definition file (*.xml) to make it available for other Tekla Structures users:

They can import this file to make use of this group.

Import extensions

You can import extension in the Application and components database. The file extensies you can import in the Applications and components database are .tsep (Tekla Structures extension package).
First you must download an extension from Tekla Warehouse, next you open it in the Applications and components database.
To import an extension:

  1. Click Access advanced features and click Extension manager.
  2. Select the downloaded .tsep file:
  1. The extension is being added:
  1. Restart Tekla Structures to install the imported extension and to make it available in the Applications and components database:




applications and components database

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