Administrator's release notes: Model templates in version update

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Administrator's release notes: Model templates in version update

Administrator's release notes: Model templates in version update

Update model templates

Consider moving model templates from your environment into Tekla Warehouse. See Uploading content into Tekla Warehouse: files and file types.

If you have sketched profiles or custom components that use sketched profiles, download the Sketch solver tool from Tekla Warehouse and install it on your computer before updating model templates.

  1. Open Tekla Structures 2021.
  2. Create a new model using an existing model template.
  3. Give the model the same name as in the previous Tekla Structures version.

  4. Open a 3D view.
  5. Diagnose and repair the model.

  6. Create a project thumbnail, or add a custom image named thumbnail.png in the model folder.

    The preferred size of the image is 120 x 74 pixels.

  7. Save the model.

    If you do not do this, a message may appear warning about the model being created with a previous version.

  8. Save the model as a model template.

  9. Include the needed catalog files and subfolders from the model folder, and click OK.

  10. Remove manually all *.db files (environment database, options databases) from the model folder.

    The *.bak, *.log and xs_user files are automatically removed from the model folder.

    The .idrm files (db.idrm and xslib.idrm) should be kept as they are part of the model.

    The model template is saved in a location pointed by XS_MODEL_TEMPLATE_DIRECTORY.

    You now have a sample image for your model template. The Applications & components catalog is now also in order and easy to use.

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