Getting Started with Tekla Structures

Getting Started with Tekla Structures

Thank you for purchasing Tekla Structures. Start here to create your Trimble Identity, download the product and activate your license.
Then you can begin to learn and explore the functionality in Tekla Structures using our video tutorials, product guides and webinars.

 1   Create a Trimble Identity

Click the button below to start creating a new Trimble Identity.

Create account

If you have any problems creating your Trimble Identity, please follow the troubleshooting steps in the instructions related to Trimble Identity for Tekla Online Services.

 2   Download the Tekla Structures software

Our installation packages are available for downloading in the Tekla Downloads service.
Click the button below, log in and start downloading the latest version of Tekla Structures.


 3   Activate/install your Tekla Structures license

We have separate instructions for first time installations and upgrade installations.
Please click the links below depending on your situation.

First time installation   Upgrade installation

 4   Learn and explore Tekla Structures

First Steps with Tekla Structures

For a quick and effective start to working with Tekla Structures, we suggest that you view the interactive First Steps videos.

First Steps with Tekla Structures

You can also begin your learning with the product guides to 


Tekla User Assistance for Tekla Structures is an extensive online support service available 24/7. Please log in to be able to search and browse all of the available materials. You can access Tekla User Assistance in Tekla Structures by pressing F1 in any view or dialog box.


Tekla User Assistance has a variety of Video Tutorials on themes including the first steps of using Tekla software, new features, collaboration, detailing, reports and many others.

User forums

Tekla Discussion Forum is the place to meet other users and discuss topics related to Tekla products. You can ask questions, contribute to the community by sharing your knowledge or get answers from support personnel.


We provide specialized training courses for both new and advanced Tekla users. Participation in the training is recommended as it allows you to fully utilize the potential of your software. Contact your local Trimble Solutions office or reseller for more information.


Wednesday webinars provide inspiration and information by highlighting customer stories, partnerships and product enhancements. All webinars are recorded.

 5   In case of questions, contact your local support

In case you have any questions, please use our Support / Feedback request form for contacting your local support team.
Click the button below, log in and submit your question.

Support / Feedback request