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Release Notes - Fixes in Tekla Structures 2016i SP1

Defect number Development area Description
126663 Concrete components

In Anchor (10), the ID of the connection plate is not changed anymore when the connection is modified.

126596 Concrete components

Wall panel reinforcement now uses normal rebar groups instead of tapered groups.

125903 Concrete components

In Wall panel reinforcement, the options for defining the minimum horizontal and vertical reinforcing bar opening sizes on the Opening tab now work correctly.

124584 Concrete components

In Floor layout, the slab widths and seam locations changed for asymmetric floor layouts (width of the first and last slabs was different), when the line-up direction was from right to left and the boundary and/or offset was modified. This has now been fixed. Modifying from right to left now works correctly.

123947 Concrete components

Previously, incorrect attributes were loaded for slab bars causing Tekla Structures to stop working. This happened, for example, when applying Slab bars (18) after Starter bars for pillar (86). This has now been fixed.

98107 Concrete components

Embedded anchors (8) now fits the top position of anchors according to the part even when the anchors are placed at a void.
Previously, placement to the middle of assembly in the cross section direction did not work correctly.

127120 Steel components

In Full depth (184) and Full depth S (185), some cuts were previously not created correctly. This has now been fixed.

126998 Steel components

In Turnbuckle connection (126), the part prefix and start number now work correctly.

126565 Steel components

In Bent shear plate (48), you can now set the bolt standard for secondary bolts on the Bolts tab.

126199 Steel components

In Shear plate simple (146), the correct number of bolts is now created when using plate washers.

126105 Steel components

Stub (133) now works when the height of the secondary beam is greater than 1500 mm.

126018 Steel components

In Std bracing connection (67), creating a default plate for one or two secondary beams now works better than before. When using one secondary beam, Tekla Structures no longer crashes.

125746 Steel components

Shear plate simple (146) can now be applied on both ends of the beam.

125211 Steel components

In Seating (39), the end plate is now rotated correctly when using front or back rotation on a column with an aligned beam.

125129 Steel components

In Purlin 1 (61), the bolts are now correctly created to the connection plate according to the properties defined on the Bolts tab and Sbolts tab.

124294 Steel components

Two sided clip angle (143) now applies extra bolt length correctly.

123195 Steel components

In Standard gusset (1065), you can now enter multiple values for bolt spacing, and define the top and bottom edge distance for bolts. 

122618 Steel components

In Welded to top flange S (149), tab plate chamfer dimensions are now applied correctly.

122435 Steel components

In Web stiffened base plate (1016), setting the shear key offset no longer affects the position of horizontal stiffeners.

119951 Steel components

In Shear plate simple (146), the plate washer width and top flange cutback are now applied correctly as defined in the component properties.

119535 Steel components

In Bolted gusset (11), it is now possible to define the finish property for a rectangular plate.

119357 Steel components

Previously, when you defined stiffener positions on the Stiffeners tab in U.S. Base plate connection (71), and entered a space after a position, Tekla Structures stopped working. This does not happen anymore.

119336 Steel components

In Splice connection (77), the top external flange plate is now created in the correct position when the main beam is made of plates.

118049 Steel components

In Full depth S (185), the shear tab is now cut parallel to the main beam web as set in the beam web cut option.

117962 Steel components

In Full depth S (185), the bolt edge distance now works correctly for skewed beams.

117890 Steel components

In Base plate (1053), you can now set the part name of the plate in the Name box on the Parts tab.

117564 Steel components

In Joist to column, type 1 (161), the stabilizer bolts now go through the column flange and beam bottom flange when the offsets are defined.

116356 Steel components

In Bolted gusset (11), it is now possible to create a chamfer on a gusset when using twin profiles.

116009 Steel components

In Stiffened base plate (1014), weld number 4 is now created in the correct position.

115761 Steel components

In Column with shear plate (131), the shear tab is now parallel to the beam web, and there is no gap between the stiffener and the column web.

115637 Steel components

In Two sided clip angle (143), the bolts are now placed correctly.

115542 Steel components

In New notch (49), the positions and sizes of the web and flange chamfers are now correct.

115062 Steel components

In Shear plate simple (146), the angle box profile is now created using the material defined on the Angle box tab.

114500 Steel components

In Stairs detail (1039), the welds defined for the component in the weld dialog box now work correctly.

113536 Steel components

In Tower member macro (S63), imperial units are now shown correctly in the component properties dialog box.

111364 Steel components

In Spiral stair (S68), the highest step is now in the correct position, and the step outer radius is used in all cases.

111167 Steel components

In Two sided clip angle (143), the Same bolt length for all option now works correctly. In Clip angle (141) and Two sided clip angle (143), the default attachment type option on the Bolts tab now matches the result in the model.

110958 Steel components

In Welded beam to beam (123), welds are now in the correct positions on both long and short beams.

110297 Steel components

In End plate (144), holes are now created correctly with thick shim plates. Previously, if the thickness of the shim plate was 40 or over, the holes were not created correctly.

104719 Steel components

In Splice connection (77), it is now possible to create external flange spacer plates when the rotation of beams is set to Top or Below in beam properties.

103741 Steel components

In Welded to top flange (147), the finish property of the opposite we stiffener is now used correctly.

99097 Steel components

In Full depth S (185), the cuts are now created correctly.

85710 Steel components

In Full depth S (185), some cuts were previously not created correctly. This has now been fixed.

79750 Steel components

In Welded gusset (10), Bolted gusset (11) and Tube gusset (20), stiffener prefixes and materials now work correctly as defined in the connection properties.

79748 Steel components

In Welded gusset (10), stiffener height now works correctly as defined in the connection properties.

127620 Organizer

In Tekla Structures 2016i, when you set the XS_ENABLE_POUR_MANAGEMENT advanced option to TRUE in a model, Organizer did full synchronization every time you opened Organizer in the model.

Now this has changed. Organizer is fully synchronized the first time you open it after setting XS_ENABLE_POUR_MANAGEMENT to TRUE. When you open Organizer in the model later, you can choose whether to synchronize Organizer or not.

126191 Organizer

At opening of Organizer, if the category rules have references to categories that do not exist anymore, Organizer now shows a message about this and removes these references. Previously, an error occurred and Organizer did not open.

127469 Task Manager

When copying tasks without objects in Task manager, the value in the Quantity column in the Task manager table is now correctly shown as 0,0.

125608 Task Manager

Tasks exported from Task manager are now correctly imported to Microsoft Project 2013 and later versions.

127249 Import, export, interoperability

Pop-marks for plates with holes were created incorrectly in NC files. This has now been fixed.

127249 Import, export, interoperability

Pop-marks for plates with holes were created incorrectly in NC files. This has now been fixed.

126786 Import, export, interoperability

Now you can also refresh locked reference models with the Refresh button. To do this, set the new advanced option XS_REFRESH_ALSO_LOCKED_REFERENCE_MODELS to TRUE in File > Settings > Advanced options > Import. This system-specific option is by default set to FALSE.

126647 Import, export, interoperability

Some IFC strip footings were sometimes positioned incorrectly after conversion. IFC strip footings are now converted to objects so that their handle points are positioned in the middle of the profile instead of on the top.

125024 Import, export, interoperability

Some IFC models created with Graitec Advanced Steel would cause an error when you tried to convert to objects if they contained unnamed IFC Presentation Layer Assignments. This has now been fixed.

IFC models could not be converted to Tekla Structures model objects, if they contained IFC circles defined by a single point. This has now been fixed.

124792 Import, export, interoperability

When you exported a plate with attached parts and bolt groups, the first bolt group was offset incorrectly. This has now been fixed.

124776 Import, export, interoperability

Pad footings were incorrectly converted as upside-down oriented beams in IFC object conversion. This has now been fixed.

123147 Import, export, interoperability

When you selected the option Both side holes as the Pop-mark location, some pop-marks were missing. This has now been fixed.

120265 Import, export, interoperability

The properties pane in conversion change management now shows object coordinates correctly after reconversion.

101998 Import, export, interoperability

Previously, pop-marks were created based on the assembly main and secondary parts. Now the pop-marks are created based on the weld primary and secondary part.

125984 Templates and reports

Bent plate dimensions in the Inquire dialog box and templates in drawings were showing three dimensional measures instead of unfolding dimensions. This has now been fixed.

125599 Templates and reports

The template attribute NUMBER_VISIBLE now works correctly and shows the number of rebars in the visible view.

124308 Templates and reports

You can now set the site bolts to supporting member in reports and KSS by setting the new user-specific advanced option XS_REPORT_BOLTS_WITH_SUPPORTING_MEMBER to TRUE in Settings > Advanced options > Templates and Symbols. The default value is FALSE.

127813 Drawings

Reference models in drawings were not always cut by the view boundary box. This has now been fixed.

127455 Drawings

Curved lines are no longer duplicated when you use the Combine command.

127362 Drawings

Dimensions in the drawing views moved to GA drawings are now updated correctly.

127337 Drawings

Keyboard shortcuts Space (end a command) and Backspace (undo the latest pick) are now working when you are creating a polygon or a polyline in a drawing.

127318 Drawings

Surface treatment was not shown correctly in drawing section views. This has now been fixed.

127296 Drawings

The Save button now works in the Drawing export layers dialog box.

127031 Drawings

The label text offset in custom grid labels is now working correctly in Indian environment.

127019 Drawings

The AutoDrawings command is again available as a separate command. You can open the AutoDrawings dialog box by entering AutoDrawings in Quick Launch. You can also create a keyboard shortcut for starting AutoDrawings through File > Settings > Keyboard shortcuts.
An AutoDrawings wizard is a file-based wizard consisting of several sets of drawing requests containing drawing, attribute and part settings to apply to selected objects, as well as a selection filter. The order of sets is important, as Tekla Structures by default creates only one drawing for each object.

127009 Drawings

Hidden line removal for reference models in drawings was not always working if the reference model was not visible on the modeling side. This has now been fixed.

126705 Drawings

Modifying Section mark properties on drawing level in single part drawings is now working properly.

126636 Drawings

When you tried to export a drawing into a DWG file, a warning message appeared. This has now been fixed.

126536 Drawings

Template tables in the drawing layout are now drawn correctly when an open drawing is recreated. Template tables are now updated when you drag a view boundary in an open drawing.

126535 Drawings

Sometimes reference models in a GA drawing where not listed in the Reference model list. This has now been fixed.

126336 Drawings

The text "Snapshot" and the drawing layouts are no longer displayed in the snapshot overlays on the model.

126234 Drawings

Previously some letters in snapshots overlays on model where not displayed correctly, now they are displayed correctly.

126233 Drawings

You can now pan and zoom in the drawing snapshot window. To open a snapshot, open the Drawing list, select a drawing and click the Snapshot button.

126193 Drawings

Section edges in drawings were always drawn using solid linetype instead of the one selected in the part properties. This has now been fixed.

126070 Drawings

When you now double-click a link to another drawing in an open drawing, Tekla Structures asks you to save the drawing and then opens the linked drawing.

125901 Drawings

The attribute NUMBER_IN_DRAWING shows the number of all rebars in a drawing that have the same position number. The neighbor part rebars are ignored. Only use NUMBER_IN_DRAWING in the main part marks in a drawing and not in the marks of the visible neighbor reinforcement.

125869 Drawings

When the advanced option XS_ROTATE_CUT_VIEWS is set to BY_SYMBOL_MAIN_VIEW or you create drawings using column as the main part, drawing update was removing all dimensions from section views.  In cloning, the section views did not get any dimensions. This has now been fixed.

125839 Drawings

An application error occurred when you created a drawing of a curved beam. This has now been fixed.

125834 Drawings

In some models, rebars created by using the RebarMeshViewCreator application were missing from drawings. This has now been fixed.

125690 Drawings

Previously, when you showed drawing snapshot overlay on top of a model view, the first view found was always chosen for rotating to drawing view point. Now the selected view is chosen instead.

125210 Drawings

Drawing views now have middle handles, which allows easier manipulation of the visible model area.

124984 Drawings

Previously, when XS_DRAWING_SNAPSHOT_CREATION was set to FALSE, snapshot files were still created in some cases. This has now been fixed, and snapshot files are no longer created when the value FALSE is used.

124242 Drawings

Dimension tags were not shown in rebar dimensions that were automatically created in a cast unit drawing. This has now been fixed.

124232 Drawings

Saving a drawing in multi-user mode no longer closes all property dialog boxes.

123888 Drawings

Now lines in all drawing model objects, annotations, dimensions, and sketch objects have four new gray colors available. The different gray shades are true colors in the way that they will keep their color regardless of the drawing color mode, all the way to printing.

123647 Drawings

In the drawing view properties dialog box, modifications to the currently open panel were lost whenever a new panel was selected for the first time from the options tree. This has now been fixed.

123442 Drawings

The selection switch toolbar in drawings now has a new button that opens the Selection filter dialog box.

122756 Drawings

Previously, RTF files in drawings did not show superscript or subscript, now they do.

121905 Drawings

One of the following messages is now displayed when a drawing cannot be loaded:
"Cannot load selected drawing. Could not find drawing file. Check Tekla User Assistance for more information."
"Cannot load selected drawing. Incompatible drawing file. Check Tekla User Assistance for more information."

For more information, see Cannot load selected drawing.

117834 Drawings

Reinforcement was not shown  right away in assembly drawings, but only after modifying the view. This has now been fixed.

115636 Drawings

When you use view-level dimensioning and dimensioning type Integrated dimensions, the dimension properties for angle dimensions are now also applied to automatically created radius dimensions.

42678 Drawings

When you rotated a drawing view that contained detail marks, everything else in the view was rotated, but the detail marks stayed in their original position. This has now been fixed.

126163 Tekla Model Sharing

Previously, in Tekla Model Sharing, Tekla Structures did not show deleted drawings in the sharing changes list. Now Tekla Structures stores the mark, name and type of a deleted drawing in the sharing history, and also shows this information in the changes list.

125977 Tekla Model Sharing

Previously, when using a custom part in a shared model, the custom part objects were not correctly updated in the local versions of the model after read in when the custom part was updated in the original model in which it was created. This has now been fixed.

122431 Tekla Model Sharing

In Tekla Model Sharing, task dependency changes are now reported in the sharing changes list.

127588 Modeling

Previously, when the radius check box was not selected in the curved beam properties, modifying other part properties made the curved beams straight. This has now been fixed.

127171 Modeling

Previously, you had to use Interrupt to end the Remove from pour unit command. This has now been fixed. The command ends once you have used it.

127129 Modeling

Previously, Tekla Structures stopped working when you changed the material of bent plates from steel to concrete. This has now been fixed.

126917 Modeling

Sometimes, modifying a view filter caused a crash if template attributes were added in the filter. This has now been fixed.

126794 Modeling

When the geometry of a bent plate was modified, or if the bent plate was exploded, the part coordinate system could be incorrect. This has now been fixed.

126756 Modeling

Previously, a polygon plate that was created by exploding a bent plate could be erroneously rotated. This has now been fixed.

126474 Modeling

After you have run the pour unit calculation, you can now report pour object properties using template attributes.
For example, to find out to which pour a rebar belongs, use the POUR_OBJECT.POUR_NUMBER template attribute to report the pour number.

126128 Modeling

When objects have been made transparent using the Show only selected + Shift command, clicking the Pour view button redraws the objects transparently, as it should.

125560 Modeling

When the Show only selected + Shift command is used on a CIP part/ pour, clicking the Pour view button draws the related pours/CIP parts only.

125531 Modeling

When objects have been completely hidden from the view using the Show only selected + Shift command, clicking the Pour view button does not anymore re-draw the hidden objects in the view.

125369 Modeling

Selecting the Educational configuration when starting Tekla Structures and creating a new model caused a Tekla Model Sharing initialization failure and the system showed an error message (Sharing initialization failed). This has now been fixed.

76422 Modeling

The commands Zoom > Zoom Selected, Update Window, and Next Window are now available on the pop-up menu also for assemblies and cast units.

125751 Core

Snapping to grid intersection is now possible even through opaque surfaces.

126405 Tools and components

Previously, the Applications & components catalog crashed when trying to select a component using the Select component dialog box under certain circumstances. This has now been fixed.

126107 Tools and components

The custom component editor now closes before you save the model when opening another model.

125257 Tools and components

In the Applications & components catalog, you can now use .png files for the default thumbnail image of macros (.cs). Note that if there is a .bmp file, the catalog uses that file instead of the .png file.

123238 Tools and components

The Applications & components catalog can now read published group files (*.ac.xml) from the \model\attributes folder.

120606 Tools and components

Tekla Extension package uninstaller now removes macro .dll and .pdb files when the associated macro .cs file is removed.

126103 Numbering

Full numbering has been replaced by repair numbering in the numbering history log.