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Howick Tools

ContentsPurpose and descriptionInstalling Howick toolsThe Frame CreatorThe H
by Tekla Structures Extensions UK
  • Howick
  • Framing

Slab Curved Bars

The Slabplate that represents a concrete structureIn Tekla Structures, a slab is created by picking three or more points.Slab may be part of a floor, for example. curved bars plug-in allows to create the reinforcement in curved slab structures. How to Locate
by Developer TIN
  • Circular bars
  • Curved bars
  • reinforcement
  • Slab Curved Bars
  • Slab Curved Reinforcement
  • Slab reinforcement

Continuous Strip Footing Reinforcement

The Continuous Strip Footingfooting that supports several points of contact or a region of points of contactStrip footing supports a length of wall or a line of closely spaced columns, for example.In Tekla Structures, strip footing has a polygon shape that the user defines by picking points. Reinforcement plug-in allows to create the reinforcement for Strip Footings of any shape (poly shape).
by Developer TIN
  • Continuous Strip
  • Continuous Strip Footing Reinforcement
  • Footing
  • reinforcement
  • Strip
  • strip footing

Hoop Bars

The Hoop bar plug-in allows to create the hoop reinforcement in tanks and conical shaped structures.
by Developer TIN
  • Circular Rebar
  • Curved bars
  • curved rebar
  • curved reinforcement
  • hoop
  • Hoop Bars
  • reinforcement

Rebar Polar Array

This tool allow user to select any member(steel, concrete, rebar) and copy rotate in circular manner. 
by Developer TIN
  • Array
  • Bolt Array
  • Polar
  • radial
  • Rebar Array
  • Rebar polar Array

Circular Panel Reinforcement

The circular panel reinforcement plug-in allows user to create the reinforcement for circular walls/footings, straight walls/footings and circular panels. The plug-in automatically cut the rebar based on defined stock length and apply the normal lap or cranked lab based on the user choice.  
by Developer TIN
  • circular
  • circular panel
  • Circular reinforcement
  • circular wall
  • radial
  • radial reinforcement

Polybeam length calculation

Polybeampart of a certain shape that is created as a continuous chain of beams passing through points that the user picksThe segments of the polybeam are straight, but segment intersections can be curved. For example, a beam that follows a zigzag line is a polybeam. length calculation tool allows user to find exact length of an polybeam.
by Trimble Solutions India
  • polybeam length

Anchor Rods

The Anchor rods allows user to create the anchor rods for any base platecomponent object that represents a plate welded to a column baseBase plates are used to distribute the concentrated load of the column over a wider area. with bolts.
by Developer TIN
  • anchor rods
  • anchors
  • baseplate anchors
  • base plate anchor
  • anchor rod
  • anchor

Duct Stiffeners

This tool is to create stiffeners on the wallplate that represents a structure such as a wall or roof panelIn Tekla Structures, a panel is created by picking two or more points.In cast-in-place concrete the term wall refers to a concept similar to panel. of the duct according to varying size of the wall plate(1) part that represents a flat structure(1) In some contexts, for example in analysis, the term plate object may be used to refer to pl
by Developer TIN
  • Stiffeners
  • Duct Stiffeners
  • Bin Stiffeners

Duct Inner Bent Plate

This tool will create a bent plate(1) part that is created from contour plates, or beams whose profile is a plate(1) Bent plates can be conical or cylindrical.Curved beams, spiral beams, or deformed parts cannot be used for creating a bent plate.(2) component object that represents an angle that is bent from a plate and that connects parts/angle profile at the junction of two wallplate that represents a structure such as a wall or roof panel
by Developer TIN
  • Duct inner bent plate
  • inner angle

Rebar Clash Crank

Rebar Clash Crank tool will create bend/crank in existing bars at critical junctions where it's clashing with other bars. This tool can be applicable anywhere like beams, columns, slabs etc. And this tool works with rebar/rebar groupgroup of reinforcing bars that are side by side and have identical properties, except the possible variation in bar lengths.
by Developer TIN
  • rebar
  • reinforcement
  • Rebar Clash crank
  • rebar crank
  • rebar clash
  • reinforcement clash
  • bend

Continuous Beam Reinforcement

Continuous Beam Reinforcement The ContinuousBeamReinforcement plug-in allows user to create the reinforcement cage for Continuous Beam of varying depth as per IS13920.
by Developer TIN

OneWay TwoWay Slab

This tool creates reinforcement for rectangular slabs, openings are considered automatically by the extension. Users can choose one way or two way type from the extension dialog.
by Developer TIN
  • OneWay TwoWay Slab
  • One Way Two Way Slab
  • slab
  • One way slab
  • two way slab

Auto connection rule reporter

When connections are applied in Tekla model using autoconnectiontool that creates connections with predefined properties in certain framing conditions functionality, it is not possible to call in connection report the attributes of connections. This tool will create a report for connections in the model with it’s ID, macrosaved series of actions that includes instructions for a programMacros are located in the applications and components catalog.
by Developer TIN

Export Layer Line Type Mapping

This tool will make the drawing export procedure easy. This tool will help to control the line types & layers for different objects.In drawing all the objects are divided into different categories like Model objects, text, dimension etc. This tool will assign these objects different layers, line types, & line thickness.
by Developer TIN

Level Distance for Tower Dimension

The Drawing Express Tool – Create Level Distance for Tower Dimension allows user to get the level distances for towers.How to Locate ‘Drawing Express Tool – Create Level Distance for Tower Dimension’ plug-in will be available in toolbar. You may click the Create Level Distance for Tower Dimension toolbar with   icon from toolbar menu. On double click you will get the Level Distance for Tower Dimension dialog box.
by Developer TIN

Similar Assemblies Filter

The Drawing Express Tool – Helps to group similar assemblies based on predefined conditions.
by Developer TIN
  • Similar assembly filter
  • similar assembly
  • similar assemblies
  • assembly filter

Plates From Built Up Section

Contents   Purpose and descriptionSystem RequirementsUsing Plates From Built Up SectionInstalling Plates From Built Up SectionApplication propertiesApplication buttons
by Steel Extensions
by Tekla Structures Extensions UK
by Tekla Structures Extensions UK