Selecting the correct graphics card for Tekla Structures in NVIDIA Control Panel

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Last updated March 26, 2020 by Tekla Global Support

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Selecting the correct graphics card for Tekla Structures in NVIDIA Control Panel

Often laptops come with both integrated graphics card and dedicated graphics card. An integrated graphics card doesn't use its own RAM; it utilizes the system's memory instead, whereas dedicated graphics card has its own independent source of memory. The dedicated graphics card is the more powerful of these two, and you can adjust the graphics card settings to always use the more powerful one in a laptop that has two graphics cards. 

These instructions walk through setting the dedicated NVIDIA graphics card to be used by default with Tekla Structures. If you have a different brand graphics card, see these instructions.

1. To check how many graphics cards you have, open Windows Device Manager. In this example, Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500 is the integrated graphics card, and NVIDIA GeForce 840M is dedicated graphics card.  

2. To access NVIDIA Control Panel, you can right click Windows Desktop and select 'NVIDIA Control Panel', or access it through an icon on Windows System Tray.

3. On NVIDIA Control Panel, choose Manage 3D Settings and choose the graphics card that you would like to be the default for all programs - High-performance NVIDIA Processor. This will set the NVIDIA card to be used by default with all programs.

Alternatively, to set the NVIDIA graphics card to be used by default only with Tekla Structures, go to the Program Settings tab and click 'Select a program to customize' drop down, and select Tekla Structures. If you can't find it on the list, click 'Add' to add Tekla Structures on the list. Then, on the preferred graphics processor drop down menu, select the High-performance NVIDIA processor and click 'Apply'.  

In addition to adjusting the graphics card settings, you can also optimize your Windows performance. On Windows System > Power and sleep settings, go to 'Additional power settings' and choose the 'High performance' option. 

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