Error when trying to un-install or re-install Tekla Structures

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Last updated January 19, 2021 by Tekla Global Support

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Error when trying to un-install or re-install Tekla Structures

I get the error message "This installation package could not be opened. Contact the applicationpart of Tekla Structures functionality that is developed in order to extend the capability of Tekla Structures but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation

vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package
" when I try to un-install/re-install Tekla Structures. What causes this and what should I do to fix the problem?


The error you get might be caused by several reasons, for example:

  • you do not have administrator rights to the computer
  • you did not start the un-installation/re-installation in "Run as administrator" mode
  • the original installation package has been damaged in the temp folder below the user's profile
  • the downloaded installation package is damaged, or the download was not completed properly.

Please try these steps to troubleshoot the problem:

1. Try to re-install Tekla Structures by right-clicking the installation package and selecting "Run as administrator".

2. Verify that the installation package you downloaded is complete (of correct size), for example:

  • Tekla Structures 20.0 64-bit installation package: 376MB (394 657 792 bytes on disk)
  • Tekla Structures 20.0 SR1 64-bit installation package: 251MB (263 806 976 bytes on disk)

If you are not sure about the size, try downloading the installation package again and re-try installing as an administrator after that.

3. If you have not got administrator rights to your computer or sufficient access to the installation folder/installation package, please contact your system administrator.

run as administrator

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