Construsoft Optimize Installation Tool (COIT) ENU

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Construsoft Optimize Installation Tool (COIT) ENU


The default installation of Tekla Structures copies a large number of setting-files to the hard drive. These are for example joint properties files, column/beam properties files, reports, etc. In case you don’t want to use the provided setting files, you can delete or remove these files manually.


You can also make use of the Construsoft Optimize Installation Tool (COIT). In here you can configure the files you want to delete or remove.
The tool must be executed after the Tekla Structures installation procedure. By deleting or removing the concerned files, the files are not visible while using Tekla Structures.

If you want to keep certain files, you must copy these files to the folder ts before applying the tool Construsoft Optimize Installation Tool.

Click here for the tool including associated files and a detailed manual in Tekla Warehouse.

Construsoft Optimize Installation Tool

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