Cloning template disappered from Master Drawing Catalog

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Cloning template disappered from Master Drawing Catalog

I was in my work model and openend the Create Drawings dialog box. I double-clicked one cloning templatemaster drawing where an existing drawing is used to copy the drawing settings for a new drawing

The new drawing has the same drawing settings as the original drawing.

The user creates a cloning template of a drawing typically after extensive manual modifications have been made in the drawing, in order to achieve the same appearance and contents in new drawings.

In the master drawing catalog, it is possible to create single-part, assembly, and cast unit drawings using cloning templates. It is also possible to add new cloning templates to the master drawing catalog from the document manager.

and when I closed the dialog box, this cloning template disappeared from the Master Drawing Catalogcatalog that is used for creating drawings by using master drawings

Master drawing catalog can be used for searching for master drawings usually in the current model and saving the search results.

. When I then opened the cloning template model, that drawing was still there and was defined to be as master drawingcollection of properties and drawing settings that are used for creating a new drawing

. How to get it back visible in my work model?

You should not modify cloning templates in work model, unless you are creating a new cloning template from your work model. If you acccidentally do so, you should:

  1. Open the drawings folder from your current work model.
  2. Delete the *.master file, which has the same name as the cloning template.
  3. Re-open the work model.

The cloning template is back visible in your work model.

cloning template
master drawing catalog

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