Kingspan Eaves Beam To Stanchion (27)

Software version: 2016i

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Kingspan Eaves Beam To Stanchion (27)

The Kingspan eaves beam to stanchion connection will define a fixing bracket according to the set of parameters specified with by standard stooling dimensions. The joint will define all bolts and welds required, and where appropriate will also fit the ends of the Eaves Beams to leave the correct end gapany space between two objects

The term gap is used in its general sense in Tekla Structures.

. The joint behaviour will depend on whether the eaves beam arrangement is flush or stand off. For a stand off fixing arrangement the joint will consist of a strut connected to a front angled cleat. These parts are not user-definable as they will be Kingspan parts. For a flush face fixing arrangement a Kingspan cleat (depending on eaves beam height) is used to connect the flange of the stanchion to the eaves beam. These cleats are in turn welded to stiffenercomponent object that represents a structure that strengthens a steel beam or column

Stiffeners are usually plates.

Stiffeners are used to prevent web buckling at supports or concentrated loads.

plates situated inside the web of the stanchion.

When the joint is run you will be required to pick a primary member followed by up to two secondary members. The following must be observed when selecting the members for the joint :

Selection Process:

  1. A Stanchion, which can be of any type - connection can go to the web or flange
  2. 1 or 2 Kingspan Eaves Beams. Both secondaries should have identical profiles. 
  3. Click middle-button on mouse to finish.


  • At a gable or corner, the user must have already defined a short Eaves Beam to act as a stub if required. 
  • Secondaries selected must be perpendicular to the Stanchion.

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