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m•connect Tension rod 1 connecting sleeve

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Last updated January 18, 2019 by Trimble Solutions Sweden tekla.support.se@trimble.com

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m•connect Tension rod 1 connecting sleeve

Generally for both S460 and S560

Select two points in the direction you wish to place the tension rod 1 sleeve. Important here is to set the start point on the left and the direction on the right to get the position in depth of the component correct. The yellow handle symbolizes the start point and the purple handle the end point of the component. The points are positioned in the middle of the holesmall hollow open throughout a part or assembly that is usually used for fastening parts with bolts or other such objects

Hole is created in the same way as bolts and hole properties are defined in the bolt properties.

in the fork head.

Settings for the tension rod 1 connecting sleeve

1. Select appropriate size of the tension rod 1 connecting sleeve and press load. All values are automatically loaded into dialog.

2. You can also select material from database etc under the parameters tab.
3. Type is generated from size and selections made.
4. The different attribute files for the integrated components can be chosen.
The connecting sleeve can be replaced with the cross sleeve in the component.

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