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ESSVE Purlin anchor universal

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Last updated May 16, 2014 by Trimble Solutions Sweden tekla.support.se@trimble.com

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ESSVE Purlin anchor universal

Pick main part(1) part that exists in a building object and that determines the position number for the assembly or cast unit and the direction of assembly or cast unit drawings

(1) Main part can be an assembly main part or a cast unit main part.

(2) input part that the user selects first when creating a component

(2) Connections and details always have a component main part.

and secondary part(1) part that exists in a building object and that is connected to the main part

(1) Secondary part can be an assembly secondary part or a cast unit secondary part.

(2) input part that the user selects after selecting the component main part when creating a component

(2) A component can have none, one or more component secondary parts.

to apply the purlin anchor universal to the beams. The positioning regarding the rotation of the beams should be set to front or back.

For more information:

Swe: http://catalog.se.toolstore.com/#/?menu=V70-1-%7CV70-1-117%7CV70-1-120
No: http://catalog.no.toolstore.com/#/?menu=V71-1-%7CV71-1-117%7CV71-1-120
Fi: http://catalog.fi.toolstore.com/#/?menu=V62-2-%7CV62-2-117%7CV62-2-120
Est: http://catalog.ee.toolstore.com/#/?menu=V73-2-%7CV73-2-117%7CV73-2-120

Settings for the purlin anchor universal

1. Select appropriate size of the purlin anchor universal by choosing right size in the drop down menu. All values are automatically loaded into the component.

2. Each of the purlin anchor universal can be chosen to be created or not in the model.
3. Product code is generated from size and selections made.
4. No. of nails can be chosen for the specific component.
5. Under the pickorder tab a distance offset from the middle of the universal purlin anchors related to the upper side of the beam can be chosen.
6. You can also select material from database etc under the prefix tab if you put the drop down menu for type to special.

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