Arm Horizontal Bracing

Software version: 20.0 - 2020

Last updated January 20, 2020 by Steel Extensions

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Arm Horizontal Bracing


Purpose and description
System Requirements
Using the Arm_Horizontal_Bracing
Arm_Horizontal_Bracing settings
Additional information

Purpose and description

A component to the add the horizontal bracing in the tower body at the arm level

System requirements

Tekla Structures

Using the Arm Horizontal Bracing

  1. From the component catalogcatalog that contains all system components and custom components, and the macros and applications

    select the Arm_Horizontal_Bracing component.
  1. Select the input parts (2 No.)

Arm Horizontal Bracing settings

Property Description
The user has 3 options to define the profiles:
  1. Above
  2. Below
  3. No Profile

The component is expecting equal L profiles and will not give
the correct results with unequal profiles or other profile shapes.

The Gauge Line dimensions of the profiles are read automatically from
the GaugeLines.dat file (in the model, firm or system folder).
These can be over written by the user if necessary.
The user can specify offsets for the bracing parts.

Additional information

  • There is relationship between the horizontal bracing and the external tower parts

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