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Tekla Structures 20.1.7 Neuerungen

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Tekla Structures 20.1.7 Neuerungen

Tekla Structures 20.1.7 Release Notes

Fixes released

Defect number Development area Description
121382 Modeling Previously, when copying a part that had surface treatment, the copied surface treatment became part of the copied cast unit causing the original and the copied cast unit to get different numbers. This does not happen anymore.
121407 Modeling Previously, welds were not created correctly when using area selection to select multiple parts. This has now been fixed.
115419 Drawings Sometimes the single part view of a base plate was not created in an assembly drawing with the option Include single-parts > Yes. This has now been fixed.
119616 Drawings Previously, the shadow opening symbol was not shown for rectangular openings with a large width-to-height ratio. This now has been fixed.
120534 Drawings If you are not able to use Save as on a drawing when there is something wrong with the drawing, a log entry is now created in the report log and you will get a warning message.
121465 Drawings Previously, it was not possible to delete drawings with empty names from the drawing list. Now it is possible.
122564 Drawings After you had created and deleted several large multi-drawings several times, Tekla Structures did not add any dimensions to new multi-drawings anymore. This has now been fixed.
123279 Drawings Sometimes the snapshots created from drawings were corrupted and would cause Tekla Structures to halt when trying to open them. Now snapshots are created correctly.
123827 Drawings The check box for the Curved dimension tag type now works.
118823 Templates and Reports Reporting the actual length of welds failed in some cases if the advanced option XS_AISC_WELD_MARK was set to TRUE. This now has been fixed.
119785 Templates and Reports MESH objects are now reported when SINGLE_BAR row is in the same report.
121832 Import, Export, Interoperability Now the values in the DSTV blocks have the last decimal rounded up.
120722 Tools and Components The Project GUID of a model was sometimes lost when using model dump, which caused Organizer to not open. This has now been fixed.
121718 Tools and Components Previously, if you switched a main assembly and sub-assembly with each other, Organizer sometimes stopped working during synchronization. This has now been fixed.
124010 Tools and Components In Layout manager , some objects were sometimes shown multiple times in a group. This has now been fixed so that when you open Layout manager , it removes the duplicate objects from groups.

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