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Tekla Structures 20.1.6 Neuerungen

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Tekla Structures 20.1.6 Neuerungen

Tekla Structures 20.1.6 Release Notes

Fixes released

Defect number Development area Description
107997 Modeling Previously, sketched profiles did not work in the US imperial environment with certain dimensions. This has now been fixed.
109607 Modeling Saving weld cross sections now works in the multi-user mode.
111246 Modeling Attribute WEIGHT_GROSS now returns correct values also for polybeams that have cuts.
112950 Modeling Moving a magnetic grid line along the X axis and intersecting another grid line caused the last grid line to modify its position. This has now been fixed.
115297 Modeling Filtering by multiple comparisons on part class works again.
117320 Modeling Sometimes copying an assembly that had a lot of welds was very slow. This has now been fixed.
105065 Drawings Leader line type Along rebar now works correctly also for rebar marks. Previously, it sometimes added a leader line but now the option always places the mark along rebar.
109490 Drawings In dimensioning holes and recesses, drawing view filters can now be used. Previously, only model selection filters worked.
113797 Drawings When the advanced option XS_MIN_WELD_LINE_LEGTH was set to a low value, the reference line was drawn so that it overlapped the weld mark text. This has now been fixed.
114543 Drawings In some cases Tekla Structures got completely stuck when opening an assembly drawing. This has now been fixed.
115221 Drawings Now the Full name element in bolt marks is also working correctly in studs.
115609 Drawings Now it is possible to show parts as symbols in any view type.
118122 Drawings In some update situations new part marks were not created correctly. This has now been fixed.
118888 Drawings When using view dimensioning with neighbor parts displayed, the view boundary extended incorrectly to show all neighbor parts entirely. This has now been fixed.
104467 Templates and reports The number of rounds for spiral bars is now reported correctly.
117183 Templates & Reports Tekla Structures no longer tries to include reference model data to reports when the reference model is not accessible (located on an unshared network drive or deleted). Earlier, creating a report took a long time in a situation like this.
99927 Import, Export, Interoperability In BVBS export, the mesh weight is now correct. Earlier, the calculated mesh weight was too small when the advanced option XS_USE_ONLY_NOMINAL_REBAR_DIAMETER was set to FALSE.
90843 Import, Export, Interoperability Now the NC hardstamps are rotated to align with the longest edges of the connected part.
115870 Import, Export, Interoperability Bevel faces that give the skew angle for NC file header are now checked in order to see if they are intersecting the part.
111475 Steel components In Wraparound gusset cross (60) , the connection plate is now working correctly. Previously, when the erection clearance was set to the default value, the connection plate was not created.
112113 Steel components In Squeezed tube bolted (102) , the stiffeners are now created in the correct position.
113217 Steel components In Double plate (50) , the bolt standard for web bolts now works correctly.
114413 Steel components In Splice Connection (77) , the Splice plate assembly option on the Parameters tab now works correctly.
115979 Steel components In End plate (144) , welds are now on the same side of the haunch plate.
117194 Steel components In Joist to Beam and Col. (164) , you can now create a bearing plate on the new Bearing plate tab.
117198 Steel components In Joist to Beam and Col. (164) , there is now an option on the Bolts tab to create the bolt clearance perpendicular to the centerline of the secondary part.
117721 Steel components In Joist Seat (58) , you can now create a bearing plate on the new Bearing plate tab.
118150 Steel components In Joist to Column, type 1 (161) , you can now create a bearing plate on the new Bearing plate tab.
118355 Steel components In Joist to column, type 2 (163) , you can now create a bearing plate on the Bearing plate tab.
118364 Steel components In Stub connection (119) , the chamfer radius of plates now works correctly.
118970 Steel components In Joist bearing plate (1067) , you can now create a bearing plate on the Bearing plate tab.
119364 Steel components In Joist to column, type 2 (163) , the antimaterial is now created correctly. Previously, when the bearing plate thickness was not set, the antimaterial was not created correctly.
111205 Concrete components In Sandwich wall window , the inner shell is now cut correctly when it has the same class as the other layers.
115710 Concrete components Previously, Wall panel reinforcement stopped working when the reinforcement size was set to 0. This has now been fixed.
120350 Concrete components Concrete stairs (65) now keeps the cast unit position number after modifying the component.
115306 Tools and Components In Task Manager , when importing a calendar, the existing tasks are now overridden when the Override existing tasks option is selected.
116583 Tools and Components Previously, in some cases, the Floatie.exe stopped working. This has now been fixed.
118245 Tools and Components Previously, in some cases, the pop-up menu did not open when right-clicking a category in Organizer. This has now been fixed.

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